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Brainstorming Woes

Honestly, I don’t see how I ever come up with anything that makes any sense at all. But I keep trying, so guess who’s outlining the shiny idea I was talking about last week! Me! ^_^

It came with half a mountain of bumps, but somehow it ended up coming together. Originally, I was going to give the story to a character from my 2013 NaNo project, because she’s awesome. But problems quickly arose around that. She wasn’t working. The setting wasn’t working. The ending wasn’t working. There were too many complications, and it was getting way messy. There was blood everywhere. In typical me fashion, I gave up and searched for a new idea. Ha, ha…

I love lists! So I made a list of everything in my arsenal that I hadn’t tried yet, that also didn’t have anything on my list of “things we’re not doing right now.” It’s not a long list, but sometimes I write something, and it’s not working, so I ban it for a while. So, nothing from the banned list. (No need to sound crazy and go further into that. Lol!)

Once I had this, I crossed off anything that didn’t have a plot, a main character, or was something I ended up not being very excited about after thinking about it further or comparing it to something else on the list, or for some other random reason. I put a star next to ones that excited me the most. Then I put a red dot by the ones I had ending for.

This only left me with four ideas, but I really didn’t have an ending on one, I just really liked it! (It got a black dot.) So, I axed that one. Then axed the one I wasn’t excited enough about. This left me with two ideas that I was having a hard time choosing between. Guess which ones they were?

Two ideas that were very similar to the idea I just set aside!! Isn’t that crazy?

I thought about it and realized that if I combined those ideas with the one I was having trouble with (and let the unrelated parts just fall back into the plot bunny field), I would have an idea that was actually starting to make sense!! (To me…) So, I made a new plot summary, changed the main character, and moved the setting, and the problems started solving themselves! (relief) Then the only thing left was to solidify the ending, because I don’t start without it.

I had a clear enough idea, but the problem was that I kept going back and forth between two alternatives. With one, I was upset because I couldn’t quite get it to make sense. With the other option, I was upset again because the ending was too terrible. Finally, I asked my sister which one was better, and I would just go with that to get me started. Because sometimes we just gotta move forward. And sometimes the sister is helpful. 😛 If for no other reason then because she’ll say something so off the wall, it’ll force my brain to come up with something I can actually work with. This time, however, her suggestion was brilliant! And yes, I’m jacking it. ^^ This is what siblings are for. ^^

Ya wanna know? She suggested I combine the two endings. It’s so awesome I can’t believe I hadn’t even considered it! Especially since this concept has been all about combining! (Geez, neurotic, much?)

So, that night, I outlined the first chapter, made some reference notes (which I still need to finish), and finalized the names, finally, except for the main character’s last name, which I did yesterday morning. (It was so hard to find the right one! I had actually given up and gone with something else, but I got lucky and something much better jumped out at me!) The concept is a little crazy, but I can see the bigger picture. And that is the most important part. 🙂

I just gotta stop thinking so small! I’m starting to realize that this is why none of my fairy tale ideas are working. I’m not thinking broad enough! Grr…

Anyway, if this idea works out, a couple or more projects are getting permanently shelved, either because I’ll be jacking things from some other stories, as well, and/or because I’ll have another epiphany that will cause me trash more stuff, like I did in May. ^_^

Wish I could be participating in NaNoWriMo right now, but I can’t speed up the brainstorming process, though it is moving a lot faster than I thought it was going to. 😀

In other news, in case anyone is wondering, I’ve gotten feedback on “Behind Stone and Shadows” and it has been moved to the waiting pile while I plot a course of action. And also because if I don’t write (and actually finish) something new soon, I will lose my mind. I’m not feeling all that confident right now because I haven’t had an idea work all year. But, whatever, when has that ever stopped me, right?

Cross your fingers for me! ^_^


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