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Words I Can’t Spell 101

Thought I would sprinkle a little fun around since it’s crunch time in PitchWars land and many people are developing ulcers. I, myself, have been stalking the crap out of some folks, and I don’t usually do that. BUT I read this blog post on perseverance a few days after the crazy started. Usually I read these and I’m like, “uh-huh, that’s great…” (glower) But, I don’t know, this is a good one. 🙂 I decided it really WAS more fun to assume that some of the mentor tweets were about ME!

And why wouldn’t they be? I’m amazing. 😛

Really though, I need help! I can’t fix this story if I don’t know what’s wrong with it. And I don’t know what’s me being crazy and what is actually a problem, you know? I need a genie to grant me the magically ability to be completely objective with my own work. You know, in the highly unlikely event that a fabulous mentor doesn’t choose me. ^_^

(Seriously though, if I don’t get picked, one of you peoples is getting an email from me. I’ll hit send this time, I swear.)

Anywho! According to the last story I finished-finished, I apparently can’t spell Carmen without wanting to put a “t” at the end of it. 90% of the time when I was typing that girl’s name I typed Carment and had a fit.

Meanwhile, in the last draft I finished, I couldn’t spell Anastasia at all in my notes OR my outline, but when it came time to write the story, I spelled it right almost 100% of the time. Go figure.

Here are some other words I can’t ever spell:

According to spell check, there is no “D” in refrigerator.

Apparently it’s spelled preparatory, which seems unnecessarily long.

Which by the way:
Wordpress tells me it’s spelled unnecessary. Ah, I see, one “C” two “S”s.

Eminent is a word, but I MEANT “imminent” which is spelled with an “I” and 2 “M”s.

Okay, that one actually does get spelled right, but it always trips me up and often doesn’t look right.

Apparently it’s condolences. No thanks to MS Word. Thank YOU Google. I’m not even joking — no way of trying to spell this word would get Word anywhere CLOSE to helping me.

perserverance. UGH!! perseverance — ah, I see what I did — too many “R”s

It’s onomatopoeia in case you were wondering. I always get an “O” and “A” mixed up somewhere. Fun fact: the only time I actually try to spell this word is when I’m trying to prove that I can spell the word, and I always mess up and catch my mistake two seconds later. Not helping my case.

Ooh, I finally see it! It’s “mispronounce.” I got to happy with the “U”s.

It appears this is not a word but incapable is.

There is no “M” in incapacitated – You would think I would know better. This is what happens when you don’t pronounce stuff right.

While there are many, many more where this came from, speaking of words I mispronounce but spell right:

umbrella — I say OMbrella

thesaurus — I say thesaSAURUS like it’s some kind of dinosaur — drives my sister crazy

ethnicity — a word I can spell right but never say right unless I say it super slooooooow

I rarely say ethnicity, but I mispronounce (looky – spelled it!) umbrella and thesaurus all the time. Hello, I have an English degree – this gives me free range to pronounce it any way I want because I know and YOU know that I know better and I’m just being a ditz. ^_^

Or am I? 😛

Side Note: Just FYI – the story I’ve been working on is going well. And extremely slow. Lol! Update to come this weekend, but I’m blaming it on the awesome PitchWars twitter feed. In random news, this month on my quote calendar, in lieu of a quote, I have pictures of mock covers and character-inspired fantasy art that I’ve collected. It’s been making me happy, too. ^_^


  • Sunflower Michelle

    Hilarious!!! I think we all have them words that we can never get right and Spellcheck makes it worse. I can’t spell convenient correctly–sometimes there’s an extra “i” in there, sometimes an extra “e.” Ugh! Also, apparently, I keep spelling words in the British English way. I’ll put a “z” when here in America, we’ll spell it with an “S” kind of thing. Who knows why?

    • Krystal Jane

      Sunflower! ^_^ British English – that’s the best thing about the writing community – you get people from all over the world and on the same page, you’ll have the same words spelled two different ways. Sometimes I’m tempted on their blogs to spell it their way. 🙂

      I want to put an extra “i” in convenient a lot, too! That’s probably another pronunciation problem. Lol! Sometimes spellcheck fixes my word, and I still don’t see what I did wrong to begin with.

    • Krystal Jane

      Isn’t that crazy the stuff we mess up sometimes? I know sometimes people turn spellcheck off when they’re writing, but I can’t stand to not know!

    • Krystal Jane

      I can’t remember all of mine by a long shot. I misspelled a couple of more things just typing up these responses. Lol!

      Oh, I know!! >.< It feels so far away!!

  • Tonja Drecker

    Lol! You’re spelling list includes some of my monsters. Refrigerator is a big one – I swear it once had a ‘d’. Hope all is going well with pitch wars. I just realized today that I suddenly haven’t been getting the email automatic updates from your posts any more, so I just resubscribed….sorry if you’ve thought I’ve been ignoring you. It wasn’t on purpose.

    • Krystal Jane

      I know right! There must’ve had a “d” in there at some point. The dictionary is playing tricks on all of us.

      I think some things got lost when I moved. No problems. Glad you’re back! ^_^

  • Jodi

    Haha! I’m an expert at “refrigerator”, but only because that one’s in our school’s spelling bee, and students get it wrong every time. Onomatopoeia gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s only spelled correctly right now because auto-correct picked it up. 😉

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