Pitch Wars 2015 Mentee Bio ^_^


I have no idea how to write one of these so, I’ll just dive in, yes? ^_^

The story I submitted is a paranormal with action and romance and danger and curses! 😛 I wrote it in the fall of 2013. I had just finished writing something that was WAAY out of my comfort zone, so after that I put search lights out into the universe for something that was up my alley again and this idea fell out of the sky and into my brain. While I was letting the story bake, I wrote this beautiful song for it on the keyboard! And I’m not good at writing music at all, so of course I was thinking it was a sign from the writer gods that this was going to be the greatest story ever!

However, when I finished the first draft the story was a mess. When does THAT ever happen?! So shocking, right? So I revised about twice a long as I normally do and whipped the story into some kind of not so horrible shape, but then I realized that the story was in this lovely limbo between YA and NA. I had no idea what to with it, so I stuffed it away on my computer and poked at it periodically with a nail file to see if it had anything new to say. It didn’t, by the way, in case you were wondering.

Speaking of paranormal, I LOVE to write paranormal – it is my absolute most favorite thing, but I have tried way too many other things just to see if I would like them. Book-wise I will read just about anything that sounds interesting and sounds like fun. Right now I’m reading a YA anthology called DEFY THE DARK – about “things that happen in the dark!” And I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I’m also reading Stephen King’s FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT, and that has just been freaking amazing. 😀

I am a lifelong English nerd and one of those writers who have been writing for forever. I started with verbal stories, then picture books, then short stories, then novels starting around 12 – which I was horrible at, of course, but hey, I was trying, right? 😉 I majored in Creative Writing, English Education, and Literature, but not at the same time. Lol! Creative Writing was because I wanted to get better. Education because I was bullied into it – ya know how that goes – the family always means so well. <3 Then I went with Literature when I couldn’t take being in Education anymore because the literature degree came with one less literature class then the creative writing one, and after three years of literature classes, just the thought of one more was making my brain search for the nearest cliff to dive off of – which is funny because I actually really liked my literature classes.

And now I leave you with another minion because they are my new favorite things on earth. ^_^


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