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A Stroll Through Editing Park & Gone Girl Thoughts

A couple of weeks ago I found a screenshot on my computer that I took of an earlier version of DISCORD and found TWO typos right off the bat! They weren’t in the draft I sent out, but really?!!

Anyway, folks, there are a LOT of different ways to edit out there.

When I was organizing my latest revision notes for DISCORD, I was getting stressed out thinking of all the ways I could go about it.

I’ve seen people make these crazy flow charts. I’ve seen people cut out tiny strips of paper and spread them out all over their room! I’ve seen people paste index cards all over their desk. I actually paste indexed cards all over my desk of the things I need to keep an eye on throughout. And I know quite a few people who print their stories out, tear them apart, and retype them.

The way that made me feel like crying the most was to edit from beginning to end for each point on my list, which would mean reading through the story about 10 times! Can we not? If I did that, like really, I would start skimming over stuff something bad! That would kind of defeat the purpose.

Then I thought…I could edit in sections, working from easiest point to hardest point, but that made things worse. Namely because I’m not working with huge sections that need a ton more work than other sections — I have my absolute most favorite problem of all: a bunch of tiny stuff littered throughout the story.

So, then I was thinking, why am I trying to do something different? This is so NOT the time to be experimenting! I’m a linear writer. I write linearly, and I edit linearly. And it’s just too overwhelming to try and just work on one thing at a time, if that makes any sense. I’ll drive myself crazy.

Really, once I had things in numerical order, I could see that what I like best is going to be the best and least stressful way to go about it anyway: taking it chapter by chapter. There are thirty chapters, if I do one a day, I’ll be done in a month. Maybe.

Wait…how are they’re only 30 chapters when my last story is shorter and has 46?!

shakes head Oh well. Maybe it’s fitting that the quotes on my calendar this month are as follows:

^_^ Sometimes it just works out great like that. That or I just constantly need to be motivated. :

I’m still on a quest to write that perfect draft though. 😉 Gotta shoot for those stars, right? ^_^

In other news, I just watched “Gone Girl” and hated it. Endings are everything to me. Just no. That and I knew what had happened about 20 minutes into the movie. I’m smart like that. Ha,ha. But really…REALLY! You could tell it was going to end that way, too; there wasn’t enough time for them to do anything else (though I was hoping through some miracle it just wouldn’t end like that!) I had plans to read the book after this because that’s what I heard would happen. Instead, I really rather not. Because the book ends the exact same way! I check these things. Though I’m sure I would enjoy the hell out of it until then.

I’m not saying everything has to have a happy ending or whatever, but the kind of ending this story has…it just makes me feel like…what was the point if you’re going to end it like that? I don’t watch movies to get endings like that. Come on, I don’t mind crazy endings, but what we have here isn’t a crazy ending. It is seriously the sickest ending I have ever encountered.

Which oddly, makes me respect Gillian Flynn something MAD. Because really…WHO does that?!! Who ends books that way? It’s so smug and bold and brilliant and horrible and SICK all at the same time.

Still hate it though. Yeah, it was well done. Yeah, it was really good until the end, though SO predictable!! Yeah, I enjoyed watching it until the last 20 minutes or so. Maybe I just wish someone had warned me it would have such a nasty ending. Maybe I just watch too many movies and think way too much…

Maybe I just really like bad guys to choke on their own vomit and die.

Maybe it would have helped if I liked Amy Elliot Dunne even the tiniest bit. But no. I hated Amy Elliot Dunne as soon as she opened her mouth.

Of course, maybe it would have helped if I had seen Rosamund Pike in ANYTHING before this. (But I haven’t because I will ONLY watch Colin Firth’s adaption of “Pride & Prejudice.”)

And my last maybe…MAYBE it would have helped if people hadn’t told me there were so many “twists” in this story. Then perhaps I wouldn’t have been looking so hard for them. Then perhaps they wouldn’t have stuck out like sore thumbs. Then perhaps I wouldn’t have been so sensitive to any hint that the director and Gillian were trying to screw with me.

But I was, people. I was.


  • Jodi

    I read the novel Gone Girl about 6 months ago (I’ve never seen the movie), and I still remember shrieking at my sister via texting over the ending. She liked it, I thought it was shitty to the Nth degree. And not just because it was an unhappy ending for Nick (though yes, THAT), but because it was so abrupt and underwhelming. I don’t know about the movie, but in the book, it felt like Gillian Flynn stopped writing in the middle of the chapter. I was literally flicking my Kindle page back and forth going, “Wait, what? This CAN’T be the end.” I kept expecting one more thing…one more twist. I didn’t necessarily need a happily-ever-after for Nick; I just needed some closure. I ended up writing my own idea for a better ending to Good Girl, which I texted to my sister, and she said “See? That’s why you’re a writer!” You know you must hate an ending (and that you’re an annoying and compulsive writer) when you’re rewriting other people’s endings. *eye roll*

    I’ve never put as much thought into editing as you do! I simply start with page 1 and end when the book is over. Yikes. I must be doing it wrong.

    • krystal jane

      Absolutely NOT! I was doing something wrong. Lol! I always edit the same way. There’s really no reason to change something that’s working so well for me.

      DUDE! I totally want a new editing to that movie. Like SO much. There is NO closure whatsoever! It’s possibly the most worst ending I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! ^_^

  • Michelle A (@SunflowerRei)

    Haven’t seen Gone Girl–or read it–but my friend was talking about it, like, “Well, sometimes, the reasons why people choose to stay married…” so I THINK I know what happens (I read the synopsis on Wikipedia). That just sounds frustrating. I read a novel last year–you might remember me talking about it—the one with the great title but the no quotation marks to denote dialogue and that terrible, terrible ending. It’s funny how even the books we hate inspire writers. Basically, Victoria and Nicole’s story is a twist (a better twist) on that novel I read last year.

    • krystal jane

      It is incredibly frustrating! But I am definitely inspired by books like that. It’s like a reminder of why I write. Not just because I love it, but because things like that drive me crazy! It makes me think, “I can do better than that.” ^_^

      Lol! I remember that crazy book you were reading.

  • Karla

    I’m not the best at organizing my stories. I literally have maybe 8 bullet points that are “must-haves” in my ms, then I wing it. HELLA WING IT.
    Haha. I have not read nor have I seen GG.

    • krystal jane

      Lol! You know, spreaking of, I actually half-winged this story. I did know where I wanted it to go, I think, but I had no idea how I was going to get there! But really, pass on Gone Girl unless you want the most unsatisfying ending ever!! *cries*

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