Fancy Book Haul

Thanks to my awesome parents gifting me with mooney (misspelled on purpose) this past holiday season, I finally got to picked up all these freaking awesome books over the last few weeks. Books I have been wanting for like, SO long. hugs giant pile of books

Granted I already have a Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales AND a Complete Hans Christen Anderson, but I swear there are stories in these anthologies I have not read before. But even if I had, I wanted the new covers. They look so good, and will look even better on my new entertainment center when I get one day in the probably kind of distant future because those things cost a LOT more than I thought they did.


SEE! So pretty right? ^_^

The book you can’t see the title of is Frankenstein. I didn’t realized it was covered up when I took the picture to send to my parents so they could see what they bought me for Christmas. πŸ™‚ Also, that is Monopoly Zelda in the background. Hee,hee.

3 Different Grimm Collections bookending Arabian Nights and Hans Christian Anderson
That is Scabbers on the right. Stuffed Scabbers of course, I would not host the actual shifty little mongrel. πŸ˜›

I’ve always wanted my own mini library. It’s going to happen, folks. It’s going to happen. ^_^

In other news, I have settled on a title for “The Raven.” Ready for this? It will blow your mind. RAVEN.

Yeah, that’s it. Lol!Β My pseudo-sequel-companion idea is called “Sparrow” so I thought they sounded nice together. ^_^

When in doubt, just keep it simple, right?

I really couldn’t think of anything else, and it’s not THAT important, so I figured it was better to use that brain space for something more productive like editing and brainstorming.

And speaking of brainstorming, I do have a next project lined up!! I was going to try outlining two stories, but one of them is either being blocked by the other one, blocked by me, or is really just not ready. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.Β The important thing is that I listen to that little voice in my head that tells me what to write and the best way to dive into it.

I’m calling the new story “Painted Chaos.” ^_^ It’s a supernaturally laced horror story, and for once in my life, I can actually make really good use of modern day technology, instead of barely even mentioning it like I usually do.

I started my outline this past weekend. I’m 5 chapters in. ^_^ I’m going to hand write it first even though I hate doing that, but if I do, I can make changes to it as I type it up. And I have the benefit of being able to sneak chapters in at work, in bed, and while I watch television, so that makes it worth the crick I’ll get in my neck when I type it up.

I like to think I have this finely tuned outlining, drafting, and editing process that comes with having been writing for more than half of my life, but the truth is: I don’t.

My editing style changes from novel to novel. Just like my brainstorming and outlining approach changes from story to story. Sometimes I need to just go ahead and write the first chapter or three before I start outlining. Most of the time I need to have at least a few chapters outlined before I start. Other times I need the entire story outlined before I write a word.

As much as I would love to do things the quickest way every single time, I would only hinder the flow of words if I did. Last time I finished a story, I edited and revised in layers: big stuff first, then problematic scenes and chapters, then I started back over from the beginning. This time, I’m diving straight into it. DISCORD took five rounds, RAVEN should take three. (Barring no horrible, terrible problems crop up!!)

On those same stories, I outlined DISCORD I as wrote, and I had very little figured out before I started. (My least favorite way, by the way!) RAVEN I had everything outlined before I started, and the plot changed very little. I don’t know what will happen this time, outside of the fact that I will have at least 5 chapters outlined before I start. All that matters is that I feel really good about it.

Plus, I haven’t had a body count this high in about seven years, so celebrations! #things-only-a-writer-can-say-without-sounding-crazy — at least to other writers anyway. πŸ˜‰

Write On. Read On. Game On. ^_^


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