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Troll Under the Bridge

Last week’s problem has been resolved. Thanks so much for letting me cry about it, peeps! It helps. ^_^

You got to witness first hand what happens to this blog when I don’t plan my posts in advance. Ha,ha.

Anyways, what I have discovered is that some of my ideas are not fitting with what I want to write right now. It doesn’t matter that I love them. If I don’t want to write them, it’s not going to happen. Exhibit A: holds up three stories I started and stopped last October alone I was super excited about ALL of them, but it wasn’t happening. I tried.

So I did what I was afraid to do: I took a stroll through plot bunny field. And you know what, it was actually really nice. As it should be. After all, why am I writing all these ideas down if I’m never going to look at them again?

There are some stupid ideas in there, but I did have a few shiny pieces jump out at me. I combined a couple of them because it felt right, so I am now proudly baking two shiny new ideas. I was going to play around with the medieval fantasy in the background, but one of the new ideas is kind of literally absorbing several aspects of it. I’m still waiting for the actual main character in the story to talk to me, but the plot finally started moving on Monday after I talked my brother’s ear off about it.

I also still need the beginning to that story, but in any case, I have some things to deflect my restless writer energy on, and it has helped SO much. Brain calming down. Anxiety waning. ^_^

All I will say about them right now is that they are both crazy in the best possible way. insert Cheshire cat grin here I do have a forerunner that’s exploding all over my brain already (always a good sign), but I’ll restrain from pronouncing it in case the main character in the other idea suddenly decides to do something other than stare around in awe and fear.

Though afraid she should be. Very, very afraid. Muhahaha.

For whatever reason, I only want to write slightly creepy stuff of late. Slightly to me anyway. Stuff other people find super dark, I don’t really find that dark, but the reaction I get out of people when I tell them what I write is priceless.

Now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Last year, when I started DISCORD, I got three chapters in and came to a screeching stop. The creep factor was missing. Luckily I found it before I gave up and trashed it. Maybe that’s why none of my other ideas have been working lately. There’s something about them that’s killing my writer fire. Sure I could make them creepy, but it wouldn’t really fit.

Knowing this makes me feel better though. Means there’s hope for the abandoned ones. 🙂

So, I’m taking these last couple of weeks of the month to jot down notes for the new ideas, maybe start some outlines, and get myself in the mood to edit. For some reason the claws are just not coming out. Five days after I finished DISCORD I had two pages of revision notes already.  With “The Raven” I barely have a page after a month, and I lost one of my notes. If I don’t remember it wasn’t important, right? RIGHT? palm-forehead

Ah well. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of work to be done, it just means there’s nothing major and glaring and terrible. The biggest part of the revision is going to be fleshing things out. I feel like writing it thus far has been like making 7 layer bean dip. I’ve never done it but I can imagine as I made a 7 layer taco casserole once. So good. Story casserole dip: Synopsis. Baby Outline. Bigger Outline. First Draft. Few rounds of editing. Whoo! Bring on the chips! ^_^

The best part of all of this? It’s finally cut off the endless stream of chatter that’s usually coming from the plot bunny field. I held up what I was looking for to the masses and none of them can compete right now. Ah, sweet silence. That’s right. Over 85 ideas, and I found just FOUR things to drag from it.

THIS is why you need a long list of mess, people. This is exactly why. You never know what will turn into a story or even just spin up one awesome scene. The forerunner idea swallowed two of my ideas, ideas I would have thought had nothing to do with each other, and then took a third to spawn a scene with. And I CANNOT WAIT to write that scene. rubs hands together And that scene was stupid in my notes, too. But the story knew what it wanted. It told me to grab it so I did, and it turned it into something amazing.

Yes, this is why I keep my plot bunnies. All of them. Even the stupid ideas may yet spawn something great. ^_^


    • krystal jane

      YAY! ^_^ And you know, I think the more we enjoy writing the story, the better it is. ^_^ The excitement totally translates! But yeah, it’s nice to see the plot bunny field is good for something.

  • Crystal Collier

    Yup. I’ve got a whole box of plot bunnies, say nothing about the miscellaneous notes in my “ideas” folder. Truthfully, I’m being torn between projects right now, and that’s a great thing, if I wasn’t madly dashing to keep up with life and prepare for a baby. Where is my timeless vortex when I need it? 😉

  • karla

    LMAO at that quote!! hahaha. Tis true. That pressure is off our backs!
    Grr.This post makes me want to write. So I think I will! Tonight!
    Last night I was all hypnotized by the TV show Empire. Dreamy men all over and so much going on! I don’t have plot bunnies jumping about. I still have those two ideas that I had shared with the group a while back. Speaking of, when shall we get together again? …my internet still fails me,though :X

    • krystal jane

      *chants*Write.Write.Write* ^_^
      I always want to write when I see other people writing. Getting started on something is definitely the hardest part. Use the force! 🙂 Though this reminds me, I was going to watch the premiere of Empire if nothing else. But I dunno. I want to at least send out random check-in email and see how everyone is doing!

  • sandiedocker

    “Bring on the chips!” we so have to make that a writer catch-cry!
    I find it so fascinating that the story always tells us what it needs, as long as we listen to it.
    Have fun with this new story.

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