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2014 – Year of Discord

Okay, not as dramatic as all that — but I did spend most of my year on that ONE story. cries Which brings me to my fancy list, because don’t we ALL love lists? ^_^

My first thought was to work on decreasing the amount of time I spend being lazy between stories. However, on second thought, I decided a better plan would be to look over what I actually do between projects and go from there, because I’ve been comparing myself to the amount of stories I’m capable of writing in a year, not the amount of stories I can write in a year and still keep my sanity in tact.

This is what my post story madness looks like:

month one: on break for two weeks while I catch up on television, or not. realize how much time I actually spend writing and now I’m MEGA bored, so I brainstorm a new story idea or three and pick up a book to read, but not the book I promised was next on my list.

month two: stress myself out because I didn’t get more pre-drafting work done the month before and have to do it this month. however, now, procrastination sets in and I find myself working crossword puzzles in my free time, and by the end of the month, I start to wonder how I ever found the time to write.

month three: randomly start writing one night. then decide story sucks and work on another one. then decide the first story IS the one to work on and write another chapter. it sucks so I cry and decide that I’m never writing again. so I go back to my story at the tail end of the month and write to make myself feel better, and now all of a sudden, things are going well and we’ll all happy and the television gets super neglected again.

Here’s my line of thinking: since it typically takes me between 3 and 4 months to write and polish a draft (with exceptions, obviously), in that three months time, I could have written a WHOLE other story! But you know what, it doesn’t matter. I can see that if I just take that first month off from writing (well, drafting) and not feel guilty about it, I don’t have to spend an entire month beating myself up for taking a break. And who knows, I might actually be more productive! Or not, but either way, I’ll be less stressed, yes? And that is the entire point.

Anywho, I promised an actual list, didn’t I? Ha,ha.

2015 Goals
1 – pick up piano and singing again (it’s gotten rather neglected the last several months, and this will be the year I finally hit that high note in The Phantom of the Opera, or not, but it won’t be from lack of trying, heh,heh)
2 – read Steve Job’s biography — I figure if I make it a goal, it might actually happen
3 – go to bed at a reasonable hour, which would be like midnight-ish — that would be great! (says the girl who was up until 4 a.m. yesterday sigh)
4 – take one month off between projects without feeling guilty and then GET BACK TO WORK for the love of Pete, whoever that is
5 – STOP giving myself 30 things to do everyday. four things. NO MORE than 4 things to do!

There we go. And one more list to top the year off:

2014 Accomplishments
1 – I pushed through some pain to get a story done, something I have very sadly only done a couple of times before (and for someone who has written 16 novels, this is really sad, but HEY progress!)
2 – I received requests on a story for the FIRST TIME EVAAH! (and I still have submissions out, but we’re not going to talk about that) >.<
3 – We won NaNo for the second time – YAY! (Yes, WE, me, my brain, and I.)
4 – Oh, yeah, I got COMPLETELY out of debt this year. Can’t forget about that! Been debt-free since May!! (Thank you, thank you. I’d like to thank the invention of the staycation — seriously though, I had one two years in a row — this girl is going on a real vacation next year! YAY!)
5 – And oh yeah! I wrote my 16th novel this year!! How did THAT slip my mind? (Probably the several projects I started and stopped this year, but we’re not going to talk about that either.)

Ah yes, the beauty of lists. I feel like I’ve accomplished something now. I can march into 2015 with my head held a little higher. 🙂

So a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone on the Gregorian Calendar! Best wishes for success and productivity and hope for 2015! <3 ^_^


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