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Medieval Fishes Are Like So Tasty

So I realized I haven’t talked about what I’m doing at all since NaNoWriMo. So, update time! ^_^

“The Raven” is STILL not done. Now admittedly, I didn’t write for about 10 days because I’ve been sick and lazy and in a non-fiction book reading hole. HOWever, the book WILL be done (as in first-drafted) by year’s end. I’m SO close (7 chapters!), even though it honestly doesn’t feel like I am. But in truth, with a healthy dose of discipline, it’s very possible that I can be done by the end of this weekend! (PLEASE OH PLEASE!)

You know what “they” say, nothing quite motivates you to finish what you’re working on like a shiny new idea hot on your trail!

I’m really bad about picking my next idea only to finish editing my current idea and change my mind, but this new idea has that spark, you know. Like when you know you have an idea that will actually work out when you sit down to write it. It’s like, I know it’s the one! I’m all excited and the plot is unfolding on it’s own.

Of course it’s nowhere close to being ready, but that’s why we start baking it now! Plus, I decided it was safer to keep the gate closed on the plot bunny field for now. I don’t want anything distracting me from this idea! It’s THAT exciting. I gave it dibs on Monday, and it’s already stepped up to the plate. We picked out some pictures out of my Crockpot folder for it over the weekend. (Lol! Yes, you totally read that right. Hey! A girl’s gotta make a mock cover out of something!)

I can’t wait to get my hands on it and start molding it into something I can outline. I even have a vague (very vague) ending for it already! OH THE EXCITEMENT! I was tempted to try it as a portal fantasy (because ancient times are super scary.) But my brain was just like, “No. Let’s not go there again.”

Yeah, the portal fantasies are not working out for me. It’s like, as soon as I get to the fantasy world, I lose interest. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It’s just not my thing. I love it in theory, but I can’t write one. And when I was looking at the idea, I knew a modern setting just wasn’t going to work. I could only see the story taking place in medieval times. The ENTIRE story! And I seriously have never, ever in my life done an entire novel in the past. Parts? Yes. Short stories? Yes. And I always love it. And I’ve probably mentioned a few times about how much I really want to write something historical-ish (minus the actual history part cause we don’t do that).

So per usual, I get to do something I’ve never done before. YAY! ^_^ I get medieval times for the entire story! I get two parts! (And by two parts, I mean there are seriously two separate but related parts, but part one is going to be short. I’m estimating somewhere between 3 and 5 chapters according to my notes, and it’s from a completely different POV which should be a lot of fun.)

I’ve actually been wanting to do a multi-act story for awhile. In fact, I have an idea for a super crazy multi-act, multi-era plot line, but I need to do it on a smaller scale first, least I lose my mind and burn the idea before it ever gets its wings.

I usually do these kinds of once upon a time things in the middle of the plot somewhere, but nope, I’m going to do it in the beginning this time. I might even start with ONCE UPON A TIME like a complete and total dork. (I’m totally freaking out with excitement on the inside though. Lol! You’ve all seen Hocus Pocus right? It’s totally like the beginning structure of Hocus Pocus – I just now realized that! ha,ha – in that you have some bit of story that takes place before the main story. Yeah, totally freaking out right now.)

Also, since I’m a total nerd about these things, I cannot wait to update my projects page with my working title!! (Which is still in the works.)

But enough about super mysterious half-formed ideas.

“The Raven” is actually going really well despite my best efforts to disturb the flow of things. It’s a mess, but it’s going well. The emotions are really starting to come out and everything has been deliciously dark and vivid. Shiz is starting to hit the fan. Long buried secrets are about to come tumbling out. My main character is losing her mind. It’s great. >.<

(By the way, yes, I know the title to this post doesn’t make any sense. Lol!)

Anyways, in other exciting news, I not Jewish, but I’m still excited that today is the first day of Hanukkah! cue Adam Sandler If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I linked the video for ya below. ^_^


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