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#WIPMarathon Report #10 (November) & Final NaNoWriMo Update

Sits back, whilst I dazzle and amaze you. ^_^
Yeppers! I officially won a little after midnight on Monday!! *happy dancing time!* The story isn’t over yet, but according to the outline, just 13 chapters to go!! *more happy dancing*

Last report wordcount + chapter count:
The Raven = 2004 words, Chapter 1

Current report WC + CC:
The Raven = 50,135 words, Chapter 32
Whooo NaNoWriMo!!

I know NaNo isn’t over yet, but I’m not writing this weekend because I want to knock this cold out that’s been following me around all month! I was doing great until I went and saw Mockingjay opening weekend in a crowded theatre (of course!) and BAM! Right up my nose. 😛

I also added about 659 words (I think) to DISCORD. I know it’s already done, but I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the ending, so I finally sat down and added a little and deleted a little, and now we’re all super happy. Hey, it’s not too late to change things until it’s at the printers! ^_^

WIP Issues This Month:
No issues really. Everything hasn’t been PERFECT, but overall, things have been going well.

What I learned this month in writing:
1* You really can write now and edit later. I know, it seems so simple, but I really have a problem with editing a lot as I write. For once, I just wanted to relax and write, and you know, I survived. Lol!

2* Small, manageable goals are fantastic things. I committed to one chapter a day during NaNo, and it actually worked! I didn’t write everyday, but some days I did more, so I actually came out ahead! Plus, it was great for those days when I was dragging my feet. I just said to myself, “Look, self, you only have one chapter to write. These are not long chapters! One hour of your time, okay? Good.”

3* I want a Persian cat. I know random, but I decided to make tentative plans to start looking for one sometime next year, maybe. 🙂

4* Reading yourself to sleep is the best way to fall asleep.

What distracted me this month while writing:
Not much. There was a Harry Potter party one night mid-month. I played a game where you took shots of “potion” chosen by a random roll of the RPG dice. Um, me and hot sauce are so not friends. But that was one of the days I didn’t write. It lasted so much longer than I thought between mingling and shot games and a very interesting game of Quidditch in which yours truly caught the Snitch, but it didn’t count becasue the Snitch-thrower didn’t bounce the ball right, but I still won an extra point for my house. GO SLYTHERIN! ^_^

Goal for next month:
Finish “The Raven.” That’s it. I can see the finish line. The light at the end of the tunnel. The parade being held in my honor. ^_^ Then I’m going to let it sit so I can watch TV since I still haven’t watched last season’s Game of Thrones (except for the Purple Wedding episode OF COURSE!) Lol! I’m going to try and let the story sit for a month. I usually do two weeks, but what I found with my last few stories is that two weeks is long enough for the first half of the story, but it isn’t quite enough distance from the second half. Fortunately/unfortunately for me, I have about a dozen shiny new plot bunnies to explore while I wait. Some of them are even pretty good!

Anyways, Until Next Time! ^_^
Hip-Hip Hooray!!


  • Ifeoma Dennis

    Hooray!!! *fires confetti cannon* Congrats for smothering Nano! I’m so fascinated by how you blaze past those words!
    Writing without editing is next-to-impossible for me grrrr! I keep telling myself, “once I do this, I’ll write without looking back,” then it turns to, “once I do that too, then I’ll write without editing,” until I’m stuck in this entangled web of writing and editing and not moving forward! I’ll need some more tips on how to relax and conquer that!

    Go for it! I’d love to get a pug or a lab or both someday.

    You can do it! Matter of fact, I’ll be at the end of the tunnel holding up the winner’s torch for you 😉

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^ *dances in confetti*
      It was hard not to edit! But it helped that I’ve been so tired this month. I didn’t really have the energy. After a few chapters, I actually started to enjoy it. I’m still thinking I’ll have a mess to clean up, but that will make editing that much more fun. Lol! It mainly just took the pressure off though. Knowing I didn’t have to go back and edit, helped me relax and not worry so much about if i was writing crap or not. I’m actually looking more forward to editing than normal!

      Yeah! Pugs are so cute! 😀

  • Jennifer Austin - Author

    Congratulations on winning NaNo! I am a perpetual editor, and so I’m looking forward to forcing myself not to edit and just complete a first draft when I begin writing again. December will be research and January I’ll get writing. I’m even going to try a NaNo approach of the 50,000 word goal in 30 days. We’ll see. And as for a Persian? My dad has 2. They’re temperamental, needy and have health issues. Dad was constantly cleaning caked poop off their. butts and they peed and puked all over his house. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^ I swear not editing has been the biggest relief ever! I want to write like this from now on. Even if I have to spend more time editing than usual. It’s totally worth it just going by the relaxation my brain has experienced this month. Go for it! ^_^

      Eep! Well, I was thinking of a mixed Persian. Lol! I’ve heard purebreds can have health issues. >.< But I'm also looking at ragdolls. My mom has one and he is a sweetheart and the laziest thing I've ever seen!

  • Amy McNulty

    Yay, congrats! (Although I already knew you won. 😉 Doesn’t it just feel great when writing goes well?

    Sorry to hear about your cold (and that it was Mockingjay that did it to you ;-;)!

    I hope you get your kitty and she acts as your muse. 🙂 I love when mine snuggles with me as I write. (Biting the sticker on my laptop? Not so much.)

    That sounds like a fun party, minus the hot sauce. XD

    Good luck next month! (And YES, watch the latest GoT already!) You’re right about putting a WIP aside and how ti works for the best. I’m always so eager to dive right into editing and so far, only having other things I need to work on have made me delay editing.

    Did you know I actually don’t edit as I write? I never have. I see a lot of you do, but I’ve never had the urge to. I write down notes if I think of something I need to go back and fix. Of course, this method has led me to crash into a wall and realize I’ve got to go back and re-write almost everything…

    • krystal jane

      Yes! Thank you! ^_^
      Lol! I think it’s karma. I hated Mockingjay the book so much so I get punished for loving the movie. But it really helped me understand some things that I had trouble seeing in that book, so I love it so much more for that.

      I find that if I make revision notes as I go, it helps me draft faster AND it speeds up my post-editing in general. I feel like I was getting stuck in a stressful cycle of editing and drafting at the same time. Not fun. I think it’s awesome when people can write without editing. Before this story, I really couldn’t even imagine! I’m hoping it won’t bite me in the butt though. Lol!

  • Emma Adams (@ELAdams12)

    Great job winning NaNo! You’d think by now I’d know to switch off the inner editor when drafting, but I’m starting to think it’s impossible. I just naturally seem to self-edit as I go, and my first instinct when I run into a plot hole is to immediately go back and fix it!

    The Quidditch game sounds fun! Lol.

    • krystal jane

      Grazie! ^_^
      If I see a glaring error or run into an inconsistency I go ahead and fix it, but it’s getting easier to leave the micro edits for later. it was sheer force for over a week until I could see the benefit of leaving it (mostly) alone.

      Quidditch was fun! It was pretty intense. Lol! Some minor injuries were sustained by people and everything! :O

  • Cheyenne Campbell

    Congrats on NaNo!!! Woohoo!! I think this NaNo has really shown me that I can silence the editor and just get the words out. I sat down and wrote out a manifesto, if you will, at the start, including things like, “I will not worry about typos, grammar, consistency,” etc.. and though I never looked at it again, I think it managed to keep me focused on creating this world so I can then sort it out later 😉 I like how you said “just relax and write.” For some reason, I look at drafting as the most UNrelaxing activity, but really, it’s not! You’re totally right. Great work!

    • krystal jane

      I had a mantra going on in my head, too. It was SO great for keeping me focused on getting words on the page. I actually like it a whole lot better than going back and rereading stuff all the time!

  • Jodi

    Damn Krystal, I had this post sitting in my inbox for days, thinking I had already come on here to whoop and holler and bust open some good ole’ virtual bubbly for you. But I’m assuming now that I DIDN’T, since I don’t see my comment here! So…


    (For the record, I like item #3 best on your “What I Learned” list).

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