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Cover Reveal: Chasing Echoes (Jodi Perkins)

Hey, there, folks! I have a super gorgeous and shiny cover to show off for you today courtesy of the multi-talented Jodi Perkins!


Topaz Aevos can make things fall with a single glance. Of all the random and bizarre powers that she and her three sisters were born with, hers is clearly the most useless. That is, until New Year’s Eve. When high school senior Stryder Black executes a cruel joke, Taz uses her powers, and all hell breaks loose.

Stryder’s ill-fated prank lands him straight into a curse—one meant to teach him a lesson. Desperate for help, Stryder unwittingly drags Taz into the curse with him. Now both are forced to relive the same fragment of their lives over and over.

But something goes deadly wrong. Not only is their loop mysteriously shrinking, Taz learns that Stryder is harboring a dark secret. Is his murky past the key to helping them escape…or will their time run out?

Dropping Into the WorldDecember 17, 2014
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Jodi Perkins is a seventh grade Language Arts teacher moonlighting as a writer of young adult fantasy and paranormal romance. She lives with her hubby, two kids, and a handful of pets in a desert community in Southern California.

In addition to writing, Jodi enjoys reading, oil painting, archery, nature (aka: tumbleweeds and the occasional lizard), nachos, sunbathing, and staying up too late. She has a child-like love for animals and can’t seem to say “No” when her kids bring home that stray kitten, hungry rabbit, or injured crow (yes, that really does say “crow”). 

She also gets a little freaked out referring to herself in the third person.

CHASING ECHOES is her first novel.


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