NaNoWriMo Update #2 (2014 Edition)

Current Word Count: 28,449

Yay! Halfway point achieved!

It’s the end of week two in NaNoWriMo Land and this is when we start to lose people. Let’s have a moment to remember those who have bowed out, for whatever reason…..

All right! So, clearly I am not long suffering for words. I’ve been trying to get in about 2k a day, and it looks like I’m averaging that so far. I’m trying to get to Chapter 30 in my outline by the end of the month. Again, most of these chapters are pretty short, so this is very doable considering I’m on Chapter 18 as I write this.

I ran ran into a tiny snag a few chapters ago where I just kind of sat there and wondered why that chapter was in my outline. Once I remembered the point of the scene, I was able to get it down and be satisfied with it, but I think it’s the weakest chapter in the story so far.

I’m leaving a lot of little details out of this draft. I figure it’s better to come up a little shorter but have a cleaner draft to work with than it is to stress myself out trying to get everything in there NOW.

I have to say, not going back and editing has really taken the pressure off of me. This might be why I’m not struggling right now. There’s no pressure.

OH! I have to tell you something! So, I spent one night this week rewriting the ending to DISCORD! Nothing major, just a small change that added about 3 pages to the story. I’d been thinking about it for a couple of months, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I was just waiting to hear back from someone before I did anything. I needed some motivation. Lol! It’s the only part of the story I was unsure about, so now I’m even happier with it, and I think it’s what was missing in my story. So, really happy about that!

AND this fixes the problem I was having with my sequel idea. The idea was a complete mess, so I was ready to change the ending anyway in case I wanted to send more queries out. It’s a change that would allow me to scrap the sequel idea if I need to while still keeping my original vision for the story in tact. I know this has nothing to do with NaNo, but I did put The Raven on hold for a night to do this. Plus I wanted to tell someone because I’m excited! I thought it was weird to make changes to the story after you start sending it out so I sat on it for a while because I can’t ever make up my mind. Lol!

Anyway, I had a favorite scene this week! I actually teared up some when I was writing it. It’s just as disturbing as I was hoping it would be. I wasn’t expecting to get emotional! ^_^

I feel like this has been a good year for writing. 🙂 Unlike last year. cough In any case, this post seems really long because I’m on my iPad so I’m just going to go now. Lol!

I hope all is well in the writing world! I’ve been reading a Winnie-the-Pooh book, and A.A. Milne’s writing style in this book is just so adorable. Also, Christopher Robin looks like a little girl in the drawings. Just saying.

Cheers to Week 3! ^_^


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