NaNoWriMo Update #1 (2014 Edition)

Current Word Count: 13,409


Folks, I was seriously starting to think my writing mojo had gone down the drain.

So, I’m doing something that I don’t really like to do – not stopping to edit. If I think of something I need to add or change, I’m still doing it, but all that going back over the opening chapters several times that I normally do, I just don’t feel like it. I just want to write right now. I think that’s okay. Lol!

My strategy: one chapter a day (keeps the burnout away!) couldn’t help myself Keep in mind, I average about 2k words a chapter, sometimes less, which is a good thing in this case because my outline has 45 freaking chapters! ^^ Last year I burned myself out. I started off so great, but the pace was just too ridiculous for that early in the story for me, and I ended up dragging myself kicking and moaning through the finish line.

But I didn’t care if the story panned out or not. I just really wanted to try it, because I was in LOVE with the idea, but wasn’t sure if it would pan out or not. If it worked, GREAT! If not, at least I tried! But THIS story. I care much if this pans out or not. I figured I could handle one chapter a day. It’s low pressure – I know it’s only about an hour and a half to two hours of my time every night, and it’s been surprisingly easy to get myself to just sit down and do it. I’ll look at the clock, see it’s 8:30 or so and go, “Time to get my chapter in for the day.” Lol!

My brains seems to like this thought process very much. ^_^

I feel like I’m taking care of the old brain and being responsible for once. I can get so competitive this time, so this first week has been a nice challenge for me, and I’d like to report that the competitive monster has been just as tired as I have been, and therefore, no problem at all.

I made a countdown chart, y’all! On mini poster board and everything! I’m counting down to December 5th (I HAS REASONS! Ha,ha!) but I get a star if I write that day. It’s very exciting.

So, something I’m noticing a lot of this first week: People freaking out over word count. And I understand, despite being a relatively fast writer in general, I totally freaked out my first time doing NaNo. I wrote 20k the entire month, and I’ve written over 60k in three weeks without even the slightest bit of burnout before. So, yeah, this worrying and doubt, it’s all in our heads!

It’s totally possible to write 50k in a month and it not all be crap.
It’s totally possible to win NaNo without burning yourself out.
It’s totally possible to do with without stressing ourselves out.

Do you want to write the story or not? If you do, write it. It’s really that simple. Butt in chair. Write novel. Win awesome t-shirt with a dragon on it. The end.

In other news, there are no words for the relief I feel in how easy this story has been to write so far compared to the last three stories I tried to work on. I was starting to get really worried, all the pulling teeth and pulling hair and pulling and pushing and stressing myself out. I feel like I’m on vacation right now in comparison.

I know it’s a little early to say this, but I can’t wait to start editing this thing! I know I’m leaving so much out, and I just know editing this is going to be a lot of fun.

In other Good news, I’ve only had to make minor adjustments to my outline thus far. breathes loud sound of relief It’s been a few years since I’ve started drafting with a full outline, so I was a tad bit worried it would be uprooted (cause that happens), but so far at least, it seems my characters had my back when I was getting it down. I’m so thankful for the little beasts. hugs beasties ^_^

Whether you’re doing NaNo or not, if you’re struggling with your writing right now, know my heart goes out to you. I’ve been there so many times, it still literally makes me cry if I think about it for too long. But hey! This storm will pass. —>Proof<—-

Now I only need to remember this the next time I’m in a funk, but we all know I won’t. 😉 I was going to post a favorite line thus far or something, but my body is trying to give me a cold, and I can’t think of anything.

Happy Writing (Editing/Brainstorming/Outlining) to Everyone! blows muse dust your way


  • Michelle McGill-Vargas

    Good luck with the NaNo. I’ve tried doing the monthly word count thing, but my brain and writing style just don’t work that way 🙂 Maybe one day, when I’m not under pressure to write IEPs for work, I’ll try NaNo. Until then, I admire your efforts. Hope you reach your goal!

  • darklingjinny

    :O Congratulations! Oh my goodness, you’re so far ahead of me and I’m so jelly! Seriously though, great job, I know you’ve been having a hard time writing and shutting your inner critic in a box without air holes until you need it. It’s so awesome you finally got on the same page with your characters, I’m having that exact problem with my NaNo this year. 13K already, for real though? So jelly…

    Best of luck! I hope you keep it up and can’t wait to see WINNER on your NaNo at the end of the month! 😀 You’re doing great! *waves pom poms* I believe in you! You can do it this year! Kick that WIP’s butt and make it sit nice and pretty in a word doc! 🙂

    • krystal jane

      Thank you so much! ^_^
      It’s been a really unproductive fall thus far for sure. I don’t know why my characters are being so nice to me. Lol! Might be they’re just so happy I’m finally writing their story. I’ve been sitting on it almost all year!

      Thanks for all the cheering! Wishing for any hiccups you’re having to lie flat so you can roll over them. You’re still doing well. You got this! 🙂

  • Michelle A (@SunflowerRei)

    Yeah, I’m seeing some crazy word counts this first week and I know I’m not at the pace I was last year, but I’m all right with that. I’d rather have a slower (on par or just over par) pace and a cleaner first draft, tbh. So glad you got your writing mojo back, Krystal! Keep having fun with it!

    • krystal jane

      I totally agree! The story I was working on last year was a mess. I’m not even going to push myself to do more this weekend. If I feel like it I will, but otherwise – half speed ahead! ^_^

  • Lillith

    Good going you! I’m also doing NaNo this year, but I know my limits and won’t freak if I don’t make the full goal. Besides, I’m rebelling this year! I decided to get the first 10K a piece done of two original novels (one YA Gothic Romance, and one Literary Paranormal), and two fanfics of roughly 15K a piece. I’ve beeen missing my fanfic writing over the last few months, and realized that not writing it has been bad for me creativitywise.

    So when a Gilmore Girls fic came knocking on my mental door, and my Star Trek fic started demanding I finish it in time for christmas I said what the hell. I’ve been missing it, I don’t care if I planned to only get started on two original pieces. I’m doing it.

    Now my GG fanfic has 3.8K and my YA Gothic Romance has stalled at 1k, but I’m happy. The GG one is what is calling to me and I’m finding it easy to write so far. Besides, there’s always December and I set a pretty low goal for my original stuff knowing that once I start a really good fic it consumes me.

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! Getting consumed is the bestest. ^_^ Last year’s NaNo was the only year I didn’t rebel at least a little. I had already written the first half of chapter 1 before November. I know a few other people who are NaNoing a few different projects of varying lengths and types. Go for it! I try to juggle projects like that sometimes. I *almost* made it this last time I tried. 🙂

      • Lillith

        Oh yea, it certainly is fun! It’s femslash, a Rory/Paris story where Rory and Dean never get back together after their first break up. So AU- Canon Divergent and just awesome! *scurries off to write a chapter in her fic before bed*

        PS. This fic has its claws so far into me I haven’t needed to outline at all.

  • Tonja Drecker

    Go, Girl! Sounds like you’ve got it figured out 🙂
    I’m a little behind right now, but I’m not sweating yet. With four kids and farm, some days are wordless and others have tons of time to over-flow. It’s so great to read about how well it’s working for you. Makes me get all these little bursts of excitement inside. Keep on it!

    • krystal jane

      Yeah, you have your hands full some days! Definitely no reason to sweat! It’s still so early in the month, anything could happen. I get excited when I think about it, too! ^_^ And it’s been a lot of fun stalking the buddy list to see how everyone is holding up.

  • Jodi

    Congrats on all of the progress you’re making, Krystal! I definitely wouldn’t worry about editing, at this point. Just keep on with this free write of yours while the inspiration is still hot. Meanwhile I’m catching some of that muse dust of yours and rubbing it all over me! (Or something less creepy).

    My book’s supposed to be out by December 14th. I’ll be waiting for my awesome t-shirt with a dragon on it to show up in my mail box.

    • krystal jane

      Thank you, Jodi! It’s hard not to edit, but it really slows your momentum! So I totally have my editor in a cryo chamber right now! ^_^

      Lol! I totally do that with muse dust. 😉
      Marking December 14th on my calendar!!

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