NaNoWriMo,  Work-In-Progress

The Yes, I’m Doing NaNoWriMo Post

I actually decided about a week into the month to just take October off and chill and get my neuroticism under control. I fell into a slump, and I just let it happen. Maybe it needed to happen. I never did take August off like I had originally planned, and I was getting stressed out trying to juggle all my ideas and settle on two to focus on. Every time I settled on two, a third (or fourth or fifth) idea would pop up and demand attention.

As it happens sometimes, I ended up doing none of them. Lol! So I gave myself until the end of the month to get the crazy out of my system for National Novel Writing Month. Ah, yes, NaNoWriMo, that time of great excitement and energy. I figured, I could make like a vampire and just siphon some of that energy off for myself. You know, since I have zero.

So my story? Working Title: The Raven, not related to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven (though I ADORE it AND him). There are, however, literal ravens in the story. I’ll try to come up with something more exciting later.


I’m super excited. This story has been ready to go since the end of September. Like completely ready. I was just going back and forth between Devon and Harley for the main character’s name and between past and present tense. I wondered if I should try writing in past again, but then I thought, why? I have 11 trunked novels written in past tense and only 4 written in present. I guess I feel like it’s becoming a thing. But that’s okay. It can be a thing right now. 🙂

So I have Devon, Anastasia, Esther, Shayne, Fei, Janna, Lucas, Gemini, and Caden for the biggest roles. The names for this story actually weren’t as stress-inducing as it normally is for me. Everyone pretty much told me their names from the get-go except for Devon and Caden, and I still had names for them pretty quickly, I just wanted to change them.

So what is the story about? Basically, it’s a ghost story…kind of, about a girl named Devon who spends the summer with her “Aunt” in their gorgeous Victorian-Style manor in the middle of nowhere Nebraska while her mother and her best friend and new step-sister’s father go sailing around the Atlantic for their honeymoon. That is where the story starts anyway, the day Devon and step-sister Anastasia get dropped off at the manor with Aunty Fei and her two daughters, Shayne and Esther. The main ghost – Gemini – had a rather horrible death that we get to see! and then there’s Caden the pool boy who is staying in the pool house on his summer break from college. He’s actually the gardener, but since he also cleans the pool, I like to call him Pool Boy. ^_^

I’m really looking forward to his scenes! He’s interesting to say the least.

Then (said in a super mysterious voice), strange things start to happen!

Here’s the “blurb” I put on the NaNo site: “Between the ghost in Devon’s bedroom that only she can see and the opium laced parties her aunt throws every weekend, Devon has to decipher between reality and figments of her imagination before she finds herself infected with a virus that’s been killing off women in her family for over 200 years.” And virus is actually code for something, but since I’m one of THOSE writers who doesn’t like to say exactly until I’m certain percertage into the story, that’s all you’re getting. Lol!

I wasn’t saving this story for NaNo per se, I have already started the first chapter, but since I needed the break and I’m also one of THOSE people who like to go Christmas Shopping early, I decided to do that this month so there would be no distractions in November. Yeah, I’m totally done, including the stuff I wanted to make, and got it all wrapped up while I knocked out some backlogged television. ^_^

Anywho, updates will follow. 🙂
Who’s joining me?


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