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#WIPMarathon Report #6 (July)

Oh my gosh, check-in time came around so fast this time!

Last report wordcount + chapter count:
7 chapters into the second round of editing. Also, jotting down notes for a companion story to “Discord.” ^_^

Current report WC + CC:
Editing & Revisions are done!! Also, I’m continuing to compile notes for said sequel(s) as they come up, but for now my focus is on planning my next project, a supernatural YA horror with the working title “Whisper.”

And by planning I mean rewriting several pages of character notes. I picked new names for most people because that was one of the problems I had when I tried to write this back in November (when it was called “The Shades of My Shadow” and I backed out literally 2 hours before the start of NaNoWriMo.) During a crazy burst of inspiration, I wrote plot and character changes in the margins of my previous notes. Then I couldn’t find anything, and it was a mess that had me feeling overwhelmed and afraid. Plus my cast doubled in size. So after talking myself out of throwing my notebook off a ledge, I finally just sat on the floor and reorganized everything all neat and pretty, and we’re all happy now. ^_^ (And I must say, making up random names for the supporting cast on the fly was super fun.) I also drew a bunch of flow charts and a mini timeline! (Though I still need a couple more.)

WIP Issues This Month:
Like last month, no issues outside of the mess that was my notes. Just editing, editing, and more editing until I wanted to crawl under my bed and never write again. But despite the heavy work load, I was happy because I love this story, and it’s already been established that I just love editing. So, now I get to be back in the emotional throes of a shiny new idea. cries – why am I doing this to myself again?! ^_^

What I learned this month in writing:
1* Writing and editing a book takes a LOT longer than I think it takes. I thought I could get through round 4 in a couple of days. Plug your ears whilst I say, HAHAHAHAHA! Lol! Um, no. Not even close. Round 4 is the “nitpicky” round. And…well, after 4 days I wasn’t even halfway done. And outside of work, I was doing little else, people, like really. (Writing/Life balance? HA!)

2* I need to stop picking my next projects so early. By the time I get close to working on them, something else snatches up my attention. Happens every.single.time. Sometimes stories are ready in a few weeks, sometimes it takes a year, and sometimes we just don’t want to write them right now (or ever).

3* I figured out around the 2nd of the month why I was having problems with the plot for my horror story. It was borderline NA (though honestly it was in no man’s land) and really the characters were too young for the setting, but I know my voice as a writer and if they got any older we’d have some problems with me wanting to write it, so I asked myself if I could age them down to YA, and suddenly I had all these plot breakthroughs. And it’s like, ahh, there’s the problem. Not the first time this has happened. Lol! (I’m so stubborn, y’all!)

4* Plot Bunnies are awesome, wonderful, and magical. hugs plot bunnies

What distracted me this month while writing:
Nothing. I’m a machine! (Muhaha!) Actually, I’m crazy, but I’ve only been finished for two weeks (barely) so I just finished catching up on all the boring things I’ve neglected. (My toilets are so sparkly!! XD) After spending 4 weeks straight in the editing cave, the last thing I wanted to do was dive right into another story. So between doing some light research and DRAWINGS (which I might share) for “Whisper,” I’ve been catching up on TV and reading and working on a playlist because having one for “Discord” was just SO awesome. Also sleep. I’ve been sleeping a lot. I need lots of sleep when I finish crap.

Goal for next month:
Finish loafing and start outlining “Whisper.” ^_^ My goal is to start drafting around the middle of the month. It might be sooner if I feel like it (or later), but I’ll have to wait and see how this next week goes. I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones, True Blood, Penny Dreadful, or the second half of last season’s Once Upon A Time. (I really do want to watch these shows (except OUAT)! I just want comedy right now. Pure, unadulterated comedy. We’re the Millers is hilarious, by the way.)

Last 200 words:
My last several chapters are full of the super nova kind of spoilers. So, I’m going to drop the first paragraph of “Discord” instead. ^_^

The ocean is restless tonight—waiting for another sacrifice. My eyes stay glued to a spot about thirty feet out. I know whose bones lie beneath that turbulent surface, deep down amongst the rocks, even if no one else does.

Until Next Month! ^_^

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  • Suzanne van Rooyen (@Suzanne_Writer)

    Congrats on finishing edits – that’s awesome!

    I regularly hug my plot bunnies too – just wish the critters would keep their breeding in check because sometimes they can overwhelm the story I’m trying to write!

    I also have this problem with starting to think about new projects too early on and then wanting to abandon current project in favour of new project only to have it happen again and again in a perpetuating cycle of half-finished books :/ Outlining has been my way of combating that though and it definitely works!

    May August bring more huggable plot bunnies and general awesomeness! 🙂

    • krystal jane

      Breeding! Lol! They do like to breed, don’t they!
      Yep, I totally have a rather large pile of unfinished books. And unsurprisingly, outlining is quite scarce amongst them. It most definitely helps!

      Thank you! I hope August is uber-productive for us both! May we keep the plot bunnies fenced. ^_^

  • amandashayne

    You crack me up, and I just love your excerpt!
    “The emotional throes of a shiny new idea.” … Yeah, why DO we do that to ourselves? Crazy writers… 🙂
    Hope things are as great for you next month as they were this month. May you receive ALL the plot bunnies!

    • krystal jane

      ^_^ Awesome! I keep hoping that I can stumble upon a magical formula that will make the drafting process go by super smooth…but I guess, what’s the fun in that? Lol!

      Thanks! I hope things continue to go well for you, too! ^_^

  • Ifeoma Dennis

    Congrats on getting done with your revisions! Your first paragraph gave me the chills, Krystal! Love it!

    I agree with adjusting to write the voice you’re comfortable in. My WIP was in the first POV at first, but I found it hard getting into it, so I had to switch to the 3rd POV.

    And of course, YES YES YES writing takes so much longer than planned. I don’t even want to go into it. But you’re doing quite well, and I wish you all the luck in the world with Whisper :)(I love that title btw, very haunting!)

    • krystal jane

      ^_^ Thank you much! Chills are good. ^_^

      Right! Originally my MC was 22. I tried working on it, but it just wasn’t happening (it didn’t come out on paper at all like it sounded in my head), which made me sad because I really like this idea! It’s such a relief when things finally start coming together. ^_^

      And thank you! I love the title, too. It’s such a perfect fit!

  • Amy McNulty

    Sounds like a job well done! 🙂 Good luck with all of your projects! And agreed–those shiny new ideas hit us and then you step back and realize just how big of a task you’ve started undertaking and it kind of overwhelms you. ;-; But you can do it! 🙂

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^
      There’s always this moment right before I start something when I try to talk myself out of it. Lol! I know I have the green light when the thought of not writing it is more distressing than the thought of tackling it. *rolls up writer sleeves* 🙂

  • Cat York (@catyorkc)

    OooooooOOO … a YA horror story named WHISPER! I love it. Part of why time is flying is because you’re keeping yourself super busy! Congrats on finishing your edits and best of luck on the next step! I love your excerpt!

  • Jodi

    I swear Krystal, you are an editing-ninja. And, don’t take this personally, but I’m jealous as all get-out that you keep reporting ZERO WIP issues. Like, that’s my longest section for every single report. LOL.

    But seriously, way to go on your amazing progress!

    (P.S. After reading your report and Amanda’s, I’m hoping that I don’t dream about gremlins gobbling up plot bunnies tonight).

    • krystal jane

      Lol! I don’t usually have problems when I’m editing. I’m sure I’ll have some in my next report. I just about always have some kind of story-related meltdown early on. Lol! But thank you! ^_^

      OMG, that gremlin is crazy looking, right?!

  • Cheyenne Campbell

    I am so super late on commenting here, but wanted to say I *love* that first paragraph you included. Gorgeous! And congrats on you amazing progress! I’m with you on writing/editing taking longer than we think. I keep having these bursts of determination to get X amount done in Y amount of time, and it’s always so unrealistic. I need to remind myself it’s okay to take more time than a month to do some things! Sheesh! 🙂

    • krystal jane

      Never too late. 🙂
      Also, thank you! ^_^
      I need a sign over my computer that says it’s okay to slow down. I want drafts I just started done in 3 weeks. O_o I need a daily reminder that it’s okay to be human. Lol!

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