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The Number 17 & Two Year Blogoversary!

Nope, this isn’t an episode of Sesame Street. Okay, let’s get it out of our system though: (in the voice of the vampire puppet, whatshisface, “Seventeen! There are seventeen street lamps!” ^_^

No, it’s my 17th Year Anniversary of my very first completed novel attempt!!! So to celebrate, I’m going to do the impossible, choose a top 3 favorite from two categories: pre-college finished novels and post-college finished AND unfinished novels. (And to make things harder on myself, I’m going to put the one story I finished during college in the pre-category because of the length – which was too short.) And this was really hard. Especially in the first category where most of my stories are. Lol!

Pre-College TOP 3
1 – Dark Was The Night — This is number one for a couple of reasons. One) This was the first major revision I undertook. I HATED my MC, so I rewrote it with the mission to overhaul her personality. Two) This is the first time I’ve ever skipped a scene while I was writing (out of about two times, but still, big deal for me.) What was so great about this though was the fact that I could see a HUGE FREAKING DIFFERENCE in my writing from 2003 when I first wrote it to 2006 when I was overhauling it. BIG freaking difference. It was amazing, and it really gave me confidence to keep going in this journey.

2 – Sudden Fury — I don’t know why, but I carry such a huge soft spot in my heart for this monstroscity. It was the first of my stories that my sister read all the way through (Lol!) motivated by the fact that I based my MC’s older sister on an exaggerated early high school version of her majesty. And she could really tell, too! It’s hilarious. To me. Lol! This is also the first story I officially shelved. It couldn’t be fixed without making it a completely different story, and I love it the way it is, flaws and boils and all. It makes me laugh. Probably not what I was going for, but it’s fun. Lol!

3 – Played For A Fool — Mostly number 3 because of the title. I just love it. It was the first title I came up with that wasn’t horribly atrocious. I’ll always love this story because the MC was as close to myself as I’m probably ever going to get. The biggest problem with this story was that the story she was writing was more interesting than the one I was writing! (My sister tried to read this but got confused over what was the character’s journal entries, what was my character’s story, and what was the actual story. This combined with the appearance of blood made her quit. Lol!)

Okay, in this next section I had a lot less to choose from as far as finished stuff goes and half of them were eliminated off the bat, hence the inclusion of unfinished stories. Lol! For some reason though, it was just as difficult to make a decision. Plus “Discord” is not in the running because it is barely finished.

Post-College TOP 3
1 – Stone of Darkness/Eternal Nightfall — I had to. Lol! This was the bestest vampire story I have ever written, and I will always be madly in love with it. It features the best prologue I ever wrote. (Seriously, it’s awesome, I should post it for you guys.) It also has the best male POV I’ve ever written, and it was part of the very beginning of me getting my freedom back as a writer (which started with a story called Eternal Darkness that features a lot of the same characters). happy sigh when I think about it. ^_^ And this would be the story that dominates my TOP 16 Most Favorite Characters List of last year’s anniversary celebrations.

2 – The Winter of Analena Reichard — (UNFINISHED) I had to put this here. I know I didn’t want to finish it (and for those of you who didn’t hear, I quit literally 3 chapters from the end, according to the outline that I did finish), HOWEVER, this is the story that gave me hope that I could write in first person. Since so many of my new plot bunnies are in first person, and I hadn’t written in first person since 2001, I used this shaky idea for NaNoWriMo 2013 to see if I could hack it. And I COULD! The POV was not this story’s problem in the slightest, the plot and some of the characters were. But my MC? She blew my socks off! I completely shocked myself, and this is why this story is on here (and another reason I wanted to include unfinished stories on this list). ^_^

3 – How Deep Is My Darkness — Tis true I have a love/hate relationship this story, but I had no choice but to put this here (like I said, not a lot to choose from.) But it definitely deserves a shout out. The relationship between the two protagonists is by far my most favorite relationship ever! They are so perfect together and most certainly an inspiration for all future romantic relationships in my writing. ^_^

Whew! That was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I can’t believe I finished my first novel 17 years ago! Oh, the progress I’ve made. ^_^ I know my first novel isn’t a novel insomuch as a bunch of words strung together in a somewhat coherent fashion, but I thought I was writing a book so it counts. Lol!

I also want to announce that I posted my very first blog post here at The Narcissistic Rose two years ago! July 21, 2012: Yakkity Yak & An Original SonnetHappy Two Year Anniversary to me! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! ^_^

While I’m here, if you’re into to metal, you MUST check out this Norwegian guy (PelleK) on YouTube. He’s FABULOUS! (And I was listening to his Anime Covers while I was writing this post, Lol!)


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