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Hexed: A Review

So! I’ll just dive right into my thoughts. First: I hate the tagline. Like, really? This isn’t the 90s. But I’ve never put a book down because of something like that. So anywho! You know, I thought this was really good. It’s right up my alley: funny, unexpectedly violent, and it had it’s fair share of creepy moments. And lemme tell ya! You know I’m enjoying a book when I’m talking to it, and I did that quite a bit. Lol!

Now, I read a few reviews beforehand, so I knew a little bit of what to expect when it came to the MC, Indigo Blackwood (LOVE that name!) She’s a blonde cheerleader and super shallow, but part of the fun of the book was watching her grow out of that some. And it was really interesting to have the shallow, blonde cheerleader as the MC for a change. Not everyone is going to like that, but I was so interested in the plot line, even if she had been getting on my nerves (which she wasn’t), I would have kept reading anyway.

Leave it to me to not realize this is part of a series until the end, but the ending is satisfying, and I would have read this book NOW regardless of knowing or not, because that’s how much I wanted to read it. I’m just usually not a fan of series because I don’t know how long it’s going to drag on. I feel like the sequel to this would be a completely different plot with just a few tie in threads though, so I’m not like, “OMG, I HATE YOU! MUST HAVE SEQUEL NOW!” Lol!

There were only two things I didn’t like: Bianca the head cheerleader and this one scene where the MC is puking.

I don’t like Bianca because she’s very…one dimensional. Her involvement in the plot was very expected and she was every bit the typical snot. The second point: I don’t like puking period. And by that I mean I freaking hate it. I literally had to pretend like I didn’t just read that because it was so disgusting, which was distracting and I was pulled out of the story for a few minutes, but this is half me just being weird about it and half being the way it was described, which was disgusting.

So the main characters…Indigo got called Indie and Ind and Indigo is just such a cool, cliche witch name, I just really liked seeing it and would have liked to see it more. Lol! But anywho, she was interesting. I can’t say I like her per se, but I cared and when she was upset, I really felt it too. Not enough to cry (and I do like to cry, Lol!) but I really sympathized with her. Then there’s Bishop, who I’m calling Neck Tattoo Guy in my head. He was kind of obnoxious actually and a bit of a horn doggie, but I really liked him. Then there was a girl named Jezebel who’s only slightly more likeable than Bianca, and only because she’s a redhead and redheads are cool.

There were a lot of cliche characters in this book actually: the shallow, catty, blonde cheerleaders (yep, more than one), the popular football player dude, the popular rich boy who’s always throwing crazy parties in his house while his parents are away, the tatted up bad boy with a softy side, the crazy, jealous romantic competition, the obvious and hideous bad guys, the nerdy next door neighbor. In fact, the only person with any unexpected dimension in the story was Indigo’s mom.

So I guess what I’m saying is, No, this book isn’t all that deep. But it’s fun and fast paced and funny and exciting and thrilling and I couldn’t wait to get off work and finish it. In fact, I was so excited that three chapters in I dropped it to play around with one the stories in my queue. Lol! It really just makes me want to write, so yeah, it is definitely interesting. And sporting a few really, really messed up and major curveball plot points that I didn’t see coming at all!

I saw one review that said there was a love triangle…Um, no there is NOT. Not even close. A love triangle is when one person is trying to choose between two other people, and uh, no, not the case at all. I just wanted to throw that out there. Lol!

I saw something else that said it was like The Craft meets Bring It On…given how much I love both of those movies…I can say that’s actually pretty accurate. So if you liked either of those, then you’ll like this book.

So, I give it four stars. It’s not the best story EVER, but I really like it and will read it again. ^_^


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