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WIPMarathon Report #5 (June)

Woot, woot!

Last report wordcount + chapter count:
65961 words, Chapter 23 “The Fury” ^_^

Current report WC + CC:
“The Fury” now known by it’s new title “Discord” = First Draft Done! and Editing = Currently about 7 chapters into round two. Also jotting down notes for a companion story to “Discord.” ^_^

WIP Issues This Month:
No issues. Editing is like ice water in July, y’all. It’s the bestest. ^_^

What I learned this month in writing:
1* It’s okay to change things up once in a while! Usually I edit from beginning to end, incorporating the bigger changes as I go. This time, I did the biggest changes when I was drafting so round one was spent fixing anything I decided could wait and anything that came up while I let it sit. Round two is the cleanup round! Cutting things, changing little things, tweaking, all that fun stuff. ^_^ And then I’ll do one more round where I go through and see if I missed anything: words, misspellings, and what not, as well as doing another consistency check. I’m going to do this on the Kindle app, and I can’t wait! I’m excited to see how this works for me, but I really like it so far.

2* I forget how much a good book in my element gets me pumped up to write. I’ve read a lot of stuff out of my genre in the last year or so and while I love it, it really doesn’t have the same effect.

3* Titles! I can’t forget to check and see what else is out there with that title. Yeah, words are words and it’s okay to have the same title as someone else. But it is not, however, a good idea to share a title with someone else when your story is about the same freaking thing. This is what happened with the title I was going to go with after “The Fury” but luckily I stumbled across the book by accident. (And it’s funny because this series is on my TBR list. I thought it was about something completely different!) I almost panicked, but this would be the first time in my life that this has happened to me, so I’m going to see it as a good thing. Maybe for once I’m actually working on something somewhat marketable? Titles are really freaking hard. I mean, yeah, I knew this already, but I have never gone through as many titles as I’ve gone through for this story (like I lost count), and I was actually brainstorming for a title for my next project when I found this one. Another happy accident! I really wanted a one word title. I don’t know why. I’m usually not this weird about it. shakes head

What distracted me this month while writing:
Not much. I went to UtopYA Con in Nashville and picked up a nice haul of (17!) books, so I’ve been trying to put some kind of dent in my TBR pile. ^_^

Goal for next month:
Finish editing “The Fury/Discord” and polish up my query so I can get started on another dark fantasy I’m currently calling Phantom Silence, of which I have a few chapters outlined for already, but I’m going to look over again before I start and maybe tweak it or add to it because I wrote it a while ago.

Last 200 words:
This is from Chapter 5.

As soon as I straighten, satisfied that I can get the stupid thing home safely, a cool breeze flits past me. My insides stiffen and freeze. What was that? Large, icy fingers grip me around my arms and slam me back into my locker. A cry catches in the back of my throat as pain vibrates up my spine, and I catch the barest glimpse of something shapeless and shadowy before it’s gone.

My breath comes out in a rush as I push myself off the orange locker and stare both ways down the hallway, shaking. What am I hallucinating now? That can’t be real. That can’t be part of it. My mother never said anything about a phantom presence. Dreams, visions, nightmares, thoughts…the urges…

I try to shake it off as I hurry down the hall, looking over my shoulders every few steps, but I’m still trembling and covered in goose bumps when I get to class.

Until Next Month! ^_^

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  • Emma Adams (@ELAdams12)

    Congrats on finishing your draft! I find titles really difficult to think of (which is why I have so many documents titled “Book 1” or “WIP” :P), especially when most of them have already been used!

    Really intriguing excerpt! 🙂

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^ It’s always a great feeling to finish a first draft! I do have a couple of stories named Untitled: (___) with like a character’s name or a place or something. Lol! I try to come up with something, but it’s even harder to pick a title for an unwritten story!

  • Amy McNulty

    Yay, congrats! I’m so glad to hear you had a good writing month and the editing is going well. Best of luck with the edits and querying!

    Lucky~~ I hope you have fun at UtopiYA! I’m going to go back and read that post!

  • catyorkc

    I LOVE the new title. Great tension and simplicity. I edit like #1 as well. It saves so much time in the long run, doesn’t it? And you were in Nashville? Do you live in Nashville or near it? Did I know this? Because if you live here then I don’t know how we haven’t met up yet! I’m messaging you my info for the next time you’re here.

    Congratulations on finishing up your draft! Fingers crossed for your queries and I can’t wait to see what you’re doing next! Great stuff, Krystal. <333

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! I do, too! ^_^ And OMG, yes! It does. I did it the other way around once, and I am never doing that again. Lol! I ended up with so much work to do and it took forever. I was so overwhelmed! But yeah! We have to meet up!

      Many more thanks! ^_^

  • Ifeoma Dennis

    Whew! Hot excerpt! I wonder what’s going on there.

    Congrats on finishing your draft! I’m positive editing on your kindle would help you sneak out all the tiny issues.

    Titles are really hard. I changed the first word of mine from latin to English last month, and I still don’t feel my title is special. You’re lucky you’ve found something to work with!

    Can’t wait to hear what happens next month with your goals. Happy writing!

    • krystal jane

      Aw, thank you! Omg, I cannot wait to (re)upload my story! I’m even putting a picture on the first page so it has a cover. Lol! Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve written down no less than 80 possible titles. It’s horrible. I was so relieved to find something that I both love AND works for the story. I’m so excited about next month! ^_^

  • Suzanne van Rooyen (@Suzanne_Writer)

    I love editing! Kinda envious you’re getting to edit while I’m stuck in drafting #firstworldproblems As for titles, they are super tough and even when you think you’ve got a good one, chances are your agent or publisher will think differently and want to change it anyway :/

    Hope July is an awesome writing/editing month!

    • krystal jane

      #firstworldproblems is right! Lol! I’ve actually thought about sending something out and calling it “Titleless” but then I just feel lazy. Lol!
      Thank you! I hope we both have a great July!

    • krystal jane

      ^_^ Thank you! It’s my favoritest part of the writing process and it doesn’t last nearly as long! You know, I think the only thing I’ve edited more than that scene is my first chapter.

  • Jodi

    I just observed on my latest blog post how some writers can write SO FAST. How EVER do you do it? (Rhetorical question, you’re obviously a rough drafting rock star).

    I love the title “Discord”!

    Great excerpt from the new WIP. Sounds chilling.

    P.S. I need to catch up on your other posts this week! Wow did I get behind.

    • krystal jane

      Me rock star? ^_^
      Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! I went through so many titles to get to that.
      And more thanks! I’ve been so insecure about that scene! I’m finally almost really happy with it.

  • amandashayne

    Ooh, I like that title, “Discord.” It’s jarring in a good way. And no issues last June? Amazing!! Sounds like it was a well-deserved, awesome writing/editing month for you.

    “I forget how much a good book in my element gets me pumped up to write.” Ifeoma was talking about that too this past month, I think, and it’s something I’m constantly thinking about. When I go too long without reading a good book in my “element,” I’m noticeably less inspired to write. It’s so important we constantly seek out those books!

    Best of luck next (er, this) month, Krystal. Rock on!

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! I like it, too. ^_^
      It IS important. I had gotten so wrapped up in non-fiction and trying out some contemporary reads and some new genres (I read a thriller for the first time!), that I had completely forgotten about this. It really does make a huge difference!

      Thank you, and I hope you rock the rest of the month, too! ^_^

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