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Limbo, Limbo, Limbo

I’ll be honest. I love editing! And you know why? Because I’m done with the story, that’s why! ^_^

For me, drafting the story is like an apartment on moving day. Everything is all a mess. There’s crap all over the floor. The walls are bare. So I love unpacking and putting up all my stuff, because it makes the place feel like home, you know. I hate messes and boxes, so it’s my mission to get them broken down and out of my new place as soon as possible. Which is why I edit as I go. Sure it slows me down some, but at the end of the day, the overall process is actually much faster, because I don’t have as much work to do when I finish the draft, saving time on editing, and also, saving time on how long the story has to sit between drafts.

The last time I moved, I had a floorplan, that I made on the computer from scratch, y’all, using the specs I got off the builder’s site, and it detailed where every piece of furniture and every single picture and wall decoration was to go. I’m serious. Really, planning isn’t just for my books. I’m a non-professional organizer in all aspects of my life.

Did it take time to make that floorplan? Yeah. Did it take time to pre-arrange my furniture (including the new furniture I hadn’t bought yet!)? You bet! Did I have to go over to the new place ahead of time and put some of this new furniture together? Uh-huh. But you know what else, the whole moving process went super fast, and it was super smooth for everyone involved.

And that’s how I write. Everything is planned out, even if my outline isn’t finished yet, and let’s face it, it never is, I know how it’s going to end. I know all the major plot and character arcs, even if I don’t know all the little details in between. So when I sit down to write, despite the fact that I edit as I go, the entire process is made faster and smoother because of all the planning I did before hand.

Which is why I like editing so much. Because ALL THE HARD WORK IS DONE! The heavy lifting, the dishes, the painting. My only job after I’m all settled in is figuring out where to put all the little annoying stuff. Like my Hello Kitty plushies! and figuring out how I want my books and movies organized. Nice, right?!

So when I sit down to edit, all I have to worry about is all those little things: pacing, consistency checking, fact-checking, flow, and my favorite: nitpicking over words and sentences and pages. Cutting out whatever is too excessive, wordy, busy, whatever. Adding bulk in sparse places.

Like with my junk, it can be annoying when I’m trying to figure out where to put all my hourglasses, but it’s fun hanging up my pictures and artwork and calendars. (I have 5 calendars — all in view of each other and none anywhere else in the place. Lol! Really though, there’s a reason for this, I swear. Maybe…) It’s relaxing because I know that when I’m down to this stuff, I’m almost done. All that hard work was worth it, and I can just take my time and really make the place mine, you know. I can move stuff around. I can throw stuff away. I can buy something new. It’s just so nice.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy. But that’s why I work so hard to get my first drafts down as quick as I can. Because when that is done, I can manage my time better because things are no longer cutting into my writing time. It’s not all about the story anymore. I love drafting because it’s so exciting and intense, but you really get to put your stamp on things when you edit.

I can’t wait to get my hands on my story! but in the meantime, I’m in limbo with it, mediating, keeping an open mind about any and everything that I need to do to make it super shiny when I go into revision mode. ^_^

This is why I force a break on myself. One, to make sure nothing else comes up. I make revision notes as I go, but I like to be able to step back and look at this beast as a whole once everything is in place. And two, and most importantly, I can brainstorm a new idea with no distractions! Because I’m so relaxed and not focused on anything in particular, I really get to spice up the writer crockpots between projects! And this makes writing the next story all the more smoother.

Gotta love it, right? ^_^

Here’s a gif — sharing the editing excitement. Lol!


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