Happy Dance,  Ideas

Contemporary What?!

Before I say anything else: GUESS WHO FINISHED THEIR STORY, YO! 1 a.m. Sunday night, can a girl get a high five!
Party with the Dancing Kirby! (>’.’)> <(‘.'<) ^(‘.’^) (^’.’)^

And yes I did beat all kinds of records that I will probably never be able to beat again. Lol!

37k for the last week (say whaaat?!)…beating my old record of 22k
74710 total for the month…beating my old record of 64k
83k total words for the first draft…beating my old record of…well, honestly I’m not entirely sure as I don’t have any un-tinkered with drafts apparently, but most likely 72k.

I did not however beat my record of most words in one day, which is between 10 & 12k. My highest word count day was 9751. So I can still beat that record!

Yeah, I’m pretty excited. AND…glorious thing happened when I got about 3 chapters from the end, the companion story I was hoping to get out of this started coming together!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot scream loud enough. I’m dying. Lol!

Also, I have my next project lined up, the dark fantasy idea I pulled out of my Tri-Wizard cup around the end of January/beginning of February. Ha,ha. Finishing “The Fury” has given me the confidence boost I needed to tackle this one, so I cannot wait to get started! I like to rest my brain between projects though, and I have a lot of editing to do, but soon! The gears are turning on it again already. ^_^

And speaking of story ideas…my sister said something interesting not too long ago. ^_^

Now, we all know how I like to experiment. Back in the early novel writing days, I started off writing contemporary ya romance. Did ya know? At the time, I was reading a lot in that genre, so it makes sense, but honestly, I HATED it. And in true me fashion, I haven’t tried to write another contemporary again. Still read a lot of it though, so it’s not like I was scared away from the genre entirely. Lol!

Okay, so, I am NOT saying that I’m going to write an contemporary novel. All I’m saying is that I have an IDEA for one–one that I might actually enjoy writing — despite lack of explosions or blood spillage. I have officially added it to the idea list. To the top actually least it get buried under the mammoth of fantasy ideas. I have no plot yet, just a concept, but we’ll see what happens. It has themes similar to a short story I wrote in college – dark, depressing, psychological pain. ^_^ I wasn’t too crazy about that story at the time, but there was always something about it that I really like. I think of it fondly. And if I’m going to write a contemporary story, this is kind of down my alley.

So that’s all. I just wanted to happy scream at someone. Lol! And put on record that I’m thinking about this contemporary idea because you never know. It could happen! ^_^


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