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WIPMarathon Report #4 (May)

It’s that time again! ^_^

Last report wordcount + chapter count:
9463 words, Chapter 4 on “The Fury” plus a baby outline of 18 chapters. Also, half a chapter of a sci-fi story that was pretty crappy.

Current report WC + CC:
65961 words, Chapter 23 (56498 words written this month) “The Fury” and according to my FINISHED outline, 9 chapters from the end!! Woot! ^_^

WIP Issues This Month:
No issues except mild confidence issues here and there. Just had to force myself to sit down and write, especially at the beginning of the month. I was right though, once I got past chapter 4, things really started moving well in the story (as indicated by my awesomefied wordage ^^). It wasn’t one of those, “this scene is boring” things. It was like, “this scene is intense and if I finish it nothing will stop me from finishing the story and now I’m SO freaking scared” kind of things. BUT despite fear screaming at me ever so loudly and politely, I had crossed the 30k word mark two weeks into the month. ^^ Sometimes we have to force ourselves to write because we’re being lazy. Or scaredy cats. Or both.

Four things I learned this month in writing:
1* Other creative outlets are GREAT for your writing! (going to the movies, the theatre, singing, drawing, sewing, whatever) It’s really relaxing, and when your brain is relaxed awesome things can happen. I have a character with some unknown abilities, and I didn’t know what to call her, you know. After watching The Amazing Spiderman 2, the solution just came to me…which was, like, it’s okay to make things up. It’s more than okay, it’s fantastic. 🙂

2* CELEBRATE the victories! I have never ever ever in my whole entire life met or exceeded a word count goal. I’m always short. And I never know what happened. And I’m a always a little disappointed in myself. I haven’t a finished a story since October, and that word count was so under it depressed me. Like I don’t know if you guys have any idea what a milestone it for me to be over 65k into a story and have more than 2 chapters left to write . I seriously started crying when I finished my outline, I was so freaking happy. I know it’s just words, but I’ve had such a huge problem with this throughout my entire journey thus far. I’ve been writing novels for so freaking long, so yeah…tears. ^_^

3* TRUST YOUR CHARACTERS. Lol! Same character in #1. She was trying to help me figure her out. She kept wanting to show me this octopus she’d been playing with, and I was like, “that’s great, two seconds,” and she was like, “No! Now!” So I just said, “okie dokie, whatcha got?” Cause really I had no idea where that scene was going and I was just trying to trust myself that I’d know when I got there. And BOOM. It was awesome. ^_^

4* TRUST YOURSELF and write like nobody’s watching! I didn’t know what I was doing when I agreed to take on this story. All I knew was that I had to write a story about this crazy, crazy girl. To do that though, I had to leave my insecurities outside and stop worrying myself into a coma over everything. So, this was really stressful at times because I had to constantly fight against the worry and the fears and the stress. Not to mention: waiting for my MC to give me clearance to outline, waiting until she trusted me, and then she had to wait until I trusted her, but I learned so freaking much about myself these last few months since I got this idea, and these things are definitely going to help me out with my writing going into the future.

What distracted me this month while writing:
Games! hides face That’s really about it, but I have been playing nonstop, every single day, several times a day, for the last several weeks. But hey! Playing games is good for my brain. ^_^

Goal for next month:
I’m actually planning on being finished by the end of the weekend. When I get this close to the end, I just can’t stand it! So the plan: Let the story sit for a week or two before starting revisions and pretend like I’m actually going to finish the songs I started for it when really I’m probably going to dive into some books and binge watch some some crap on my DVR cause I’ve barely watched anything on it in weeks and it’s getting bloated again, of course. (And can I get some points for my coherent 61 word sentence!) ^_^

Last 200 words:
Well, we’re getting into spoiler territory so let’s see, backing up some to Chapter 22, here’s a bit from a scene that I liked that should make sense, Lol…

As if she conjured him up, Balen slides into room at that moment, head down, darkened expression, carrying a bloated black plastic trash bag and wheeling a covered cart behind him.

Samantha Hoover sits up straighter in front of me, ready to soak up whatever kind of crazy he’s about to dish out.

“Chemistry is the study of matter,” he says, scrolling his eyes through the room, looking at everyone but me. “More specifically, how that matter interacts with other matter.” He moves across the room, kicks the door shut, and pulls a switchblade from his pocket.

Several people lean away from him in their desks.

He removes the sheet from the cart with the flourish of a magician, revealing a simple light bulb and metal rod underneath.

Carmen frowns at me and everything within me tenses.

Until Next Month! ^_^

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  • Suzanne van Rooyen (@Suzanne_Writer)

    Super congrats on your wordage! That is spectacular! *shakes pom poms*

    Love what you said about your character and trusting them to show you what needs to happen or what you need to know about them to move the story forward.

    Good luck with this! You’re so close to finishing it! 🙂

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^ Trusting my characters completely like this is a big step for me. It’s really paying off, too! Who knew. Lol! I can’t wait to finish. Editing is my most favorite part. ^_^

  • Emma Adams (@ELAdams12)

    Wow, that’s a lot of words! Well done! 🙂

    Sometimes we do have to push past the fear and write anyway. I seem to go through at least two confidence crises per manuscript!

    Good luck with finishing your WIP! 😀

    • krystal jane

      I do, too! At least two crises. I keep waiting for it not to happen, but at least I have proof that every time this happens I do, indeed, get through it. ^_^ Thank you!!

  • Amy McNulty

    Congrats!! This is INCREDIBLE progress–your very own NaNoWriMo! ^^ I’m so glad you had a great writing month and feel great about your writing. 🙂 Best of luck in revisions. (And I totally agree with you and Ifeoma–recharging your creative senses with books and movies and shows is a must!)

  • Ifeoma Dennis

    Wow, wow, wow! Your wordcount is record-breaking. You win the month! *Goes back to continue reading your post*

    I have to admit. Most times, not writing, especially on your free days, is pure out of laziness.
    *I can imagine* what it feels like to get from 9K to 65K in a month. It’s the dream.

    Best of luck, and can’t wait to pop some champagne with you once you finish next weekend! (Also, love the voice in your excerpt!)

    • krystal jane

      Ha, ha! ^_^ I know, there were several days where I felt good and had all day to write and I still didn’t get started until 9 o’clock at night. *cries* But it’s crunch time now! I’m always excited when I can break a record and I definitely broke one this week!

      Thank you! I can’t wait for champagne! ^_^

    • krystal jane

      I am! ^_^ The movie is far from perfect, but I liked it. I really liked electrode. I just kind of wished they spend more time on him and Harry Osborne. But anyway, Lol! — Thank you! ^_^

  • Karla Gomez (@KarlaMGomezM)

    Congratulations are in order! Reading this actually motivates me, tbh! I think trusting our characters and ourselves means trusting our gut and the voices in our head. For example, deep inside me I know what I have to work on and the voices in my head are actually characters that demand I implement what they want–being lazy or scared are things that stop me from accepting them and getting to work. But I’ve actually been doing a pretty good job these past few days. So I am proud of myself and much happier. Like a weight has been lifted.

    *gives you points for that sentence!!*

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! Awesome! I’m glad you’re starting to push that pesky fear away. I feel like fear gives birth to laziness, yes? Like I can justify being lazy because I’m scared. It does feel so good when we’re free from that. Definitely like a weight is gone…because it is!

      Sentence…Lol! ^_^

  • Cheyenne Campbell

    Oh my GOODNESS!! That is the most kick-butt word progress!! I’m so inspired for June, you are AMAZING!

    I love what you said about doing other creative things to get your brain in gear. When I go for a run, ideas often slot into place, but I’ve been ignoring my hobbies (including watching films and TV shows) a lot lately, feeling like I “don’t deserve” to until I’m happy with my WIP or writing for the day. But you’re so right on. Doing these things opens up your subconscious just as much as endorphin release can. So thank you for the reminder, and good luck for next month! 🙂

    • krystal jane

      Oh my gosh, thank you! ^_^
      Yes, definitely don’t push these things aside until you’re done. I’m so guilty of doing this, but when I don’t, and I let myself relax and go to the movies and do all that other stuff anyway, it really does help me with whatever I’m working on. I hope you make great progress next month! ^_^

  • Jodi

    Over 55K in one month? Holy geez woman! I think it took me two years to get to that number. (Admittedly, I’m a slow writer. Like, slower than a snail stuck in glue).

    Huge applause to you! Standing ovation, even!

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^ *bows* I’m admittedly a pretty fast writer. I don’t have a lot of distractions, so that plus being a little crazy and I can get some words out. Hopefully they’re good words, but I love editing. It fixes everything. ^_^

  • Cat York (@catyorkc)

    Krystal, this is amazing! You are crushing it! So happy for you. And I agree 100% with all your lessons learned. It sounds like you had a great May and I’ve got my fingers crossed for you for June! You’ve got a whole entourage and fanfare waiting for you to bring this WIP home. Woohoo!!!

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