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Lions and Tigers and Bears

Okay, so a person or three might remember a post of unknown name sometime last year in which I was freaking out over having a first person story on my plate for the first time in well, awhile. Not one who likes to be defeated, I decided I would accept the universe’s challenge and take on the onslaught of first person POV stories that it was sending my way.

First I tried with a futuristic fantasy, but for reasons that won’t fit on this page, that story is still on hold. (It has nothing to do with the POV though.) So I tried again with my NaNo ’13 project. Um…didn’t finish it. Again, not because of the POV, it had other issues. The POV was going really well though and gave me hope that I could indeed write in 1st person and it not be a horrible disaster. So I tried again with “The Fury.” And suddenly, things were not going so well.

I thought about writing it in 3rd because to say that the MC in my story has issues is a gross understatement. I can handle that kind of crazy in 3rd, it wasn’t working so much in 1st. But I couldn’t write it in 3rd; it wasn’t working that way either. Basically, it was just not working at all.

After getting feedback on it, TWICE, something I never do once, let alone more than once, I came to the conclusion that this story had a screw loose. Now before you look at me all cross-eyed and think I’m dumping my third story in a row, I’m absolutely not.

I’m restructuring it.

Basically, I’m taking the creep factor and certain traits of the MC from my NaNo project (along with two other awesome characters) and merging it with “The Fury.” This story has been lacking the fear factor I’ve been craving, and something about my MC just wasn’t working at all. AT ALL! It was the perfect solution! I woke up one morning with three thoughts in my head: “I need to stop running away from fixing crap.” (Because I was thinking about shelving it.), “Remember that NaNo story?” and “I really want to listen to that song from Oblivion…wasn’t I supposed to turn it into a ring-tone yesterday?” (My MC really likes this song. ^_^)

I made flow charts for the two stories and pulled them apart by element, circling the ones I wanted to keep from my current story and the ones I thought I needed from the other story, the best of both worlds. The NaNo story just so perfectly supplied that umpf (or whatever) my current story needed.

It realized it was falling apart about three chapters in, mostly due to the fact that my MC is…strange. That’s the only word I have for it. She needed some life in her. It’s like, “I know crap is hard for you, chicka, but OH MY GOD, try much?” I can’t go through the entire story like this. She was paranoid and like a turtle almost, coming out sometimes and being someone I can work with one moment and being a frustrating hard shell the next.

I know I mentioned a few times how much I want to write this story, so to save it, I sat her down with the MC from my NaNo project and told her what was going on. Basically, I needed her to be more like that girl. Not exactly like her, but that NaNo project kept popping into my head for a reason. Because there was something in that story that I needed for “The Fury.” It was so easy for me to show the reader why the NaNo MC was a snot. Showing why this girl was strange…well, it was just too hard. There. Truth. Lol!

It just shouldn’t be THAT hard.

And guess what? They were both totally cool with it. My NaNo MC understood that she was best thing in that story and so not the reason I shelved it. And my current MC understood exactly why I was so frustrated. I promised her she was not being replaced in any way (and now I probably sound crazy), and together we all came up with a solution. Then I made a new flow chart. It further complicates the plot, but it feels like the right way to go. I know I can make it awesome and tie all the threads together in a way that is not only really exciting but makes incredible sense. 😉

Also, my girl finally gave me clearance to outline. YAY! (We might have had a bit of tug-o-war going on. Lol!)

Anywho, I mentioned POV because my first thought when “The Fury” started going south was that I suck at 1st person. But in my NaNo story, it wasn’t a problem. And it was this line of thinking that lead me to my restructuring! See, being random has it awesome points. ^_^


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