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I had something else planned, but I decided to deviate from the norm a bit today because I’m in one of my crazy moods and I need the distraction. ^_^

So, I went to the hair salon a couple weeks ago. Big deal for me as I usually do everything I can myself and then go to the salon when I need a trim, cause lemme tell ya, I can not do that myself if I want my hair to look good. Which it does. I love my hair. And it’s super low maintenance. After I wash it and flatten the crap out of it, I literally don’t have to touch it until I wash it again. It’s great. ^_^

This time I go to JCPenney. Now, confession, there is always SO much drama involved come hair cut time. It is so hard to find a stylist who will consistently do a great job (as opposed to great once and mediocre every time after that!) and one who listens to me and knows what a freaking trim is. Seriously, folks, I’ve had 5+ inches cut off my head getting a “trim” before. Like, WTF? These are professionals, too, though I’ve had plenty of beauty school grievances, as well as a few beauty school successes. But like, yeah, not cool, right?

I once had a woman do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I asked. I said, THREE TIMES that I wanted it a little shorter in the back and just trimmed in the front and please don’t thin my hair out. Do you know that that is? When a hairstylist thins your hair out, they are literally ripping chunks of hair out of your head in the name of making it more “manageable.” She did it once without asking me and it made my hair staticky. It also made me feel bald because I have really thick hair. This is incredibly damaging. Thank God my hair grows relatively fast, because I freaked out until it grew back. So guess what that woman did to my head this lovely summer morning. Guess.

I left with a bob. I had one inch of hair in the back of my head (it was down to my shoulders when I went in!) It was at least three inches shorter in the front (and I didn’t know any of this because I couldn’t see it). It was thinned out (she had whipped those scissors out and pulled a chunk of my hair out before I knew what she was doing–she was super-fast). And when I finally did see my hair, I was super pissed, especially when I felt the back of it. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough because I’m just not the type to go off on people, though I was the closest I have ever been. Like, don’t mess with a girl’s hair, right?

So I’m at the JCP salon and she tries to talk me into a free eyebrow waxing. Can I just say…women are crazy. I finally give in after she promises me they will look exactly the same, because I love my eyebrows, I think they’re perfect. (Lol!) And…ow. Like why would anyone wax anything? I mean, the eyebrows were tolerable and she was right, they do look virtually the same, they’re just a little more looking like I care what my eyebrows look like, if that makes any sense. But still, I waxed a few spots on my legs once and I thought I had ripped my skin off. And did you know people wax under their arms? Can you imagine? People do that! Like…ugh.

And I was thinking, my eyebrows were already as pretty close to perfect as you can get without tampering with them. (Ha, ha!) Are people so obsessed with perfection that they will tinker with stuff that isn’t broken and unnecessarily mess with their faces and muck themselves up for no reason?!

I’ve had salon people get pretty aggressive about this whole eyebrow waxing thing. The lady that ripped my hair out for example got on my case a lot. I don’t know why a few extra hairs are bothering them. Lol! It’s hilarious. And sad. And hours later, I swear my eyebrows were still mad at me. There was this lingering feeling of having been attacked on my forehead, long after the hideous, Frankenstein redness went away. After which it was replaced by a nice Franken-acne-looking rash for a few days. sigh

I see how you can get used to it, but why? Why do people do this to themselves? I am never touching my eyebrows again. They feel naked.


    • krystal jane

      Yeah, I didn’t go back after that. Which is sad because she was really fast and did a good job when she listened to me, but I didn’t trust her after that. Also took me six months to go back after that first time, but I figured it was okay as long as told her not to do it again. Ha…

  • Ashley Dominique

    Okay, forgive my tirade but I totally understand your pain and none of my friends seem to understand this.

    My hair is curly, very curly. Like Madeleine Mantock curly. And people seem to have a problem with understanding the word trim. I’ve had my hair chopped down to nearly chin length. Thankfully I’ve finally grown it back out and it’s mid back. I wonder how long it will be as I haven’t had it done in a year. I’m going to dye my hair burgundy soon. Can’t wait.

    Oh and I had my eyebrows waxed once before a dance. My skin was irritated for four days afterwards. Never again.

    • krystal jane

      Indeed never again!
      Oh, her hair is pretty! Yeah, my hair is naturally crimpy, but it’s not cute. It frizzes up and tangles. So I just straighten it because it doesn’t frizz up and cause me grief that way. Which is funny because sometimes I crimp it with an iron.

      Yes! I think burgundy hair is awesome. I tried to go red a few years ago and I couldn’t figure out how to keep my hair from drying out. Now that I have, I’m thinking of trying it again. 🙂

  • Michelle A (@SunflowerRei)

    I can’t contemplate waxing. I shave what needs to be shaved or pluck what needs to be plucked when I feel like it needs it. I mean, yeah, my eyebrows have a tendency to thicken, but I pluck ’em. Otherwise, I really don’t care.

    I have really sensitive skin anyway, so a Franken-rash after a wax would not be a good thing.

    Now, my hair. My hair is uncontrollable at the best of times–staticky and wavy. I have fine hair, so it acts bizarrely. It resists straighteners and curling irons and will kind of listen to hair gel, but only when it feels like it.

    • krystal jane

      Yeah, waxing just seems so unnecessary. If I had had somewhere to go, that Franken-rash would have ruined my entire weekend.

      It’s funny how hair wants to have a mind of it’s own sometimes. Once every couple of years I decide I want bangs. No. They sweep to the side no matter how I get them cut. I like side bangs, but I like the way I look with bangs straight across. Of course then they’re constantly in my eyes. Irregardless, after a few months, I’m growing them back out again. Lol!

  • authorcrystalcollier

    LOL. Rant much? That’s totally okay, I loved it. My hair grows like one to three inches A YEAR, so haircuts? I’m super sensitive. Plus, I have natural curl, so if it’s too short, I lose another three to six inches. Needless to say, I’m super picky about who touches my hair.

    • krystal jane

      I do rant a lot. Lol! We should be picky about who touches our hair. There are so many hair stylists out there. They have a lot of competition. And yeah, not everyone has hair that will go back to looking exactly the same in a few months. The back of my hair grows a lot faster than the sides. It’s takes almost a year for the sides to grow back, but the back will be long again a few months. It’s so weird! Lol!

  • Ifeoma Dennis

    That’s one valid question…why do people tinker with what’s perfect? I used to do that too…tinker a lot with my eyebrows because I felt they just were too much. And then end up looking…so different. I’m not really sure yet how many inches my hair grows a year but I don’t think it’s much…and yes, my last hair stylist trimmed the heck out of my hair every single month I visited, until it became a pixie cut. Till one day, I compared my old pictures and my new ones and went WTH did all my hair go?
    So I had to start braiding and doing protective styling to see if I can make it grow faster again.
    I moved, and got a new stylist who lets my hair be. There was another hair stylist I was considering after I moved but once she mentioned, “I’m going to trim your hair, then braid it…” I ran without looking back.

    • krystal jane

      Lol! This made me laugh. ^_^
      I’ve had moments like that: “What happened to my hair?!” 🙂

      My hair grows faster when I don’t touch it. I had this really short cut one time because the woman burned a lot of my hair off, and thus hacked it all off to fix her mistake. It made my hair really shy; it started growing at at snail’s pace. I wore braids for over a year and then it finally started growing again. Short hair is just too high maintenance for me.

  • Thea Landen (@TheaLanden)

    Okay, I’ll jump in and admit I get my eyebrows waxed once a month. They’re thick and they grow in quickly, and I’d rather leave the shaping and everything to the professionals so I don’t screw it up.

    That said, I’m completely low-maintenance with my hair – I just go in about once a year and get it trimmed up to my shoulders (just long enough to throw back in a ponytail). No color, no other treatments, just shampoo and scissors. The end.

    • krystal jane

      If I was going to do something I definitely wouldn’t do it myself. I would most definitely screw it up. Like I did the few times I’ve tried to trim my own hair. Lol!

      I’m 100% for low maintenance. 🙂 I go to the salon once a season. My hair grows unevenly and starts looking scraggly.

  • Randi Lee (@lee_randi)

    Oh, Krystal–that sounds SUPER frustrating! I once had a hair dresser hack several inches off my head because she thought it would “look better.” I ended up looking like a little boy! I didn’t pay. I’ve been seeing the same hair dresser for several years now, because I finally found one I liked, and have waited for up to two weeks to get an appointment with her because she’s the only one I can trust with my locks!

    • krystal jane

      That’s what I’m looking for! I don’t mind waiting at all. I go a bit too long between trims as it is. What’s a couple more weeks? 🙂 I hate when they do stuff without asking because they think it will look good. That’s not why I’m there. I’m there because I can’t cut it myself. Lol! I wish I had the courage to just walk out on people. I might have that time if I had known how short it was in the back.

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