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WIPMarathon Check-In #6 (December/January)


Last Word Count + Chapter Count:
Preparation Stage for Untitled Project 90% Complete

Current WC + CC:
I didn’t finish my character interviews, but that’s because I started work on another story that was 100% ready to go. Yeah, I know. I’m really bad about story hopping when I’m between projects. BUT I got almost 8k words in this week!!

WIP Issues this week:
Mostly confidence. What I’ve been doing is (another) rewrite of the story I was first drafting this time last year. It has a lot of high fantastical elements (something I suck at), and we’ve gone through a lot, me and it (I’ve almost lost count of the rewrites). However, I decided to go ahead and make one last effort to fix this story because I’m not at peace about it. I cannot stand having a story, even one that’s just sitting there, unshelved and sucking. (I tried SO hard to shelve this story so I could move on, you have no idea — I couldn’t — it was very depressing.) And I realized, I would probably continue to write crap and bail on stuff until I’m happy with this, and I know this because it has happened before.

I didn’t plan to work on it, but I had a light bulb moment Monday night, kind of randomly, which was nice, and I just said to myself, “Why not?” It might be horrible idea to work on this again after everything we’ve gone through, but I rather waste time and be able to move on, then waste time writing crap I’m just going to trash and ruining perfectly good ideas because I can’t focus.

Specifically, I had a slow start the first few days because me and my MC, Reagan were fighting over the POV. It was originally in 3rd (and it’s going to stay there), but she was trying to talk me into flip flopping between 1st and 3rd between the the two POVs. I’m not 100% against that, I just think this story sounds exactly same either way. The only way I would do that is if 1st sounded better or more powerful (because that has happened with other stories), and that is not the case this time. It took me about a page and half to wrangle her to my side, but I think I won, for now. I’ll see how it goes when I get to parts of story I’d like to keep, but we’re cool. We love each other. 🙂

What I learned this week in writing:
It takes more than 2 weeks to recover when you have fried your brain. And sometimes a character isn’t acting right because something is off in their backstory.

What distracted me this week while writing:
Still watching The Office. I’m trying really hard to have a life here…but not really all that hard.

Last 200 words:
Alrighty…here’s the end of chapter — #3. This chapter has changed the least since the first draft. I’m currently editing it again for consistency and content.

He wants to turn around and look into her eyes again. Why does he even bother trying to resist anymore? It’s too much work. He’s here forever. She’ll never let him go. He collects what little courage he has left and says, “I can’t do my job if you keep me locked in here all day.”

“Since when is that something to complain about?”

He mentally kicks himself. He shouldn’t have come into this room with her in the first place. He knew she didn’t want anything. Well, she wanted to torture him. Remind him who he belongs to. Like he could forget.

She spreads her fingers out towards the door. It swings open. “Fine. Go.”

Relief spreads through him. One more second…He heads back down the pathway to the door.

“And if you happen to see the sword maker while you’re out,” she says, “Ask him if he’s come to his senses, yet?”

And by that she means of course for him to visit the shop on purpose. He swallows back a frown and nods his head in her direction. Stupid sword maker. He looks back as he ducks through the entrance. She takes a long sip from the chalice, and then pours the rest of the crisp water over her head.

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