WIPMarathon Check-In #4 (December/January)

Hello! It’s check-in time! And I have news!! Kind of…
So, I missed the check-in last week. I gave up on the story I was working on and therefore had nothing to report. (I talked about it here.) I also really just needed to crawl into a cave for a few days and decompress and stopping beating myself up for “failing miserably.” I tried to hold onto it, but at the end of the day, it’s just not working right now. When I read back over it, while most of it was fine, I could see that it was not the story I signed up for. It was not working. It was making me miserable. And while there are always times when you might want to scream at your story, it shouldn’t cause you weeks and weeks of brain-numbing pain.

So what am I working on? Read on and find out!

Last Word Count + Chapter Count:
Chapter 20, around 56k on “Winter”

Current WC + CC:
Zero for zero. Brainstorming…so I just have a bunch of notes at this point. I’m working on character profiles now. For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to jot down some basic information for every single stray person who shows up in the story. Anyway, let’s just say I almost wish I typed this stuff up. But I’m almost done.

WIP Issues this week:
No real issues, but some of the story takes place in early 16th century Portugal. While I’m a BIG fan of Tudor England, I’m not sure how much that knowledge actually helps me. (Thanks to my MC for being from Portugal by the way.) It’s not a big deal as I’m prone to “flash research” which is what I call stopping in the middle of a sentence to fact check or run and find some random bit of information that I need (like how much it rains in Brazil). My only non-Tudor research has consisted of searching for the levels of nobility so I could make sure I had the right one, and avoiding wars and big religious/political upheavals. I figure that’s enough because this is fantasy, but I don’t want my research laziness to keep me from having all the information I need to paint a believable picture.

What I learned this week in writing:

There is nothing wrong with picking your idea out of a hat. ^_^
I put 25 ideas into my Harry Potter Triwizard Cup (Lol! But seriously, I did this and more seriously I have one) and narrowed it down to 15, then 10, then 7, then 5, then 3, and then I picked one and that’s the idea I went with. Now some of these ideas I dumped immediately because I groaned when I saw them. Some I almost cheated to keep. But this particular idea came out every single time (along with one other). In the final 3, I was down to this one (a mostly contemporary fantasy & completely new idea with a vague 2 sentence plot summary and 3 working titles, which all suck), The Queen of Diamonds (the high fantasy I had planned to work on but just couldn’t get myself to commit to it), and The Shades of My Shadow (a supernatural horror that I’ve been wavering on for months). I put my trust in the cup. Lol! I was determined to go with whatever tumbled out because I just didn’t care. I just want to write. I’ve seen Criss Angel do this thing where you hover your hand over something and are able to tell which object was the last object touched or something. I figured each idea had a certain energy on it and my brain would pick the one it wanted. Okay…now I sound crazy…

What distracted me this week while writing:
Fussing over my internet connection, but that is all better now so whoo hoo! I changed my DSL to fiber optic, which is cheaper AND faster!! And doesn’t cut off on me for no reason or drag or have to be in my kitchen. ^_^

Last 200 words:
No words yet, but the plan is to start outlining this weekend so I can get started.

Happy New Year and Happy Chinese Year of the Horse (starting January 31st)!

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  • Ifeoma Dennis

    I like the idea of paring down your ideas to just one. And wow, what a number! Before I started writing my present WIP (TSoTT), I had only ONE other idea that looked a bit appealing. But ultimately, once I got the idea for TSoTT, it won over.

    So glad you’re back to brainstorming for your new WIP. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

    P.S: I like the idea of “flash” research. 😀

    • krystal jane

      Yeah, I included every single thing I could think of. I have a list of ideas that I scan most times before I start something. You never know what’s going to pull you in. 🙂 A couple of these were rewrites though.

      I can’t wait to get going on something again! ^_^

  • amandashayne

    I hope you get lots of outlining done this weekend. I’ll try my best to join you!

    I wish I could successfully “flash research.” I always end up on Pinterest and then there’s no coming back for me. Lol

    Good luck in the new year!

    • krystal jane

      Well, ick. Henry VIII also married his sister-in-law. Must have been popular? O_o You know I’m always trying to sneak “old timey” stuff like this in my writing and I never know what I’m doing. Lol! I think I successfully pulled it off once. Oh well, that’s good enough odds for me!

    • krystal jane

      You know, I’ve always wanted to do that. I never did because I was too scared I’d end up with something I hated. Turns out it’s pretty fun. Plus I have a hard time making decisions, so this took care of that. Lol!

  • rhchatlien

    I do flash research too. With my last novel, I researched for a couple of months to get a handle on the plot and main characters, and then I just researched as I went along.

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