NaNoWriMo (2013) Update #1

Update Time! So, I hit a slight bump Day 2. Chapter 2 wasn’t popping on the page like I would like. Since I was 2 days ahead already, I did what they tell you not to do. I stopped and edited it. (Although one of the pep talks this week did challenge us all to be rule breakers! Yeah! Screw the Rules!) But I didn’t make this decision on my own. The infamous Internal Editor showed up to tempt guide me.

Me: Hmm. (scratches head) Something’s off here.

Internal Editor: You introduced the antagonist too early.

Me: Did I? (does quick run through of the plot) Hmm. Yeah, that scene I imagined was probably further along in the book. (light bulb goes off in brain) Oh, that’s right. I remember now. It was definitely much later. Okay, note to self. I’ll fix it later.

Internal Editor: Later? What? Seriously? You’re going to leave that chapter looking like that?

Me: Huh? It’s National Novel Writing Month.

Internal Editor: (stern face) So. I don’t like it. Fix it.

Me: Um, no. It’ll slow me down.

Internal Editor: This is more important.

Me: (taps notebook) I wrote it down. Don’t worry. I’ll incorporate the change going forward.

Internal Editor: No. I can’t work under those conditions. stands in front of computer monitor

Me: Really? Get over it.

Internal Editor: No way! I can’t just pretend like you didn’t write that. Besides, you’re two days ahead, crazy pants. Fix it now! (dangles editing gloves over my head) You know you want to. It’ll be sooo relaxing. Can’t you picture it now? You’ll be so excited when you see how it’s really supposed to look. Why wait? See these? Shiny, shiny editing gloves…they loooove you.

Me: Hmm. (starts thinking too much, eyes on the gloves) You might be right. Leaving it as it is will completely throw the pacing off.

Internal Editor: I know. This is what I’m saying. hands over gloves

Me: Okie. ^_^ *puts on editing gloves*

Internal Editor: (smug grin) It’s all just too easy. Ha, ha, ha.

I know I’m weird. Editing is kind of relaxing for me sometimes. And the Internal Editor was right. I had gotten a little ahead of myself. Perks of not having your crap together when you start something. I did change projects last minute after all. (Almost literally) After making some changes though, the chapter turned out SO much better, and not only was I super excited (as promised), it really helped me get my outline moving.

I’ve tried, but I’m just not the kind of writer who can leave crap behind when I know it’s crap, you know. I never realized how much I edit when I write until I attempted to do NaNo last year for the first time and fell on my face. In fact, I just knew I didn’t edit at all. Surprise! Lol! Last year, I got behind and overwhelmed. (It may or may not have had a tiny bit to do with the almost obsessive editing tendencies I have at the beginning of any new draft.) So I came out of the gate strong this year. Get ahead so I can relax. I really want that winner’s badge. Lol!

So how am I doing?

Current Word Count: 25, 389

Say, what? Yay! ^_^

And guess what! This is a new personal best! Smattering my old record of 20000 and something. dancing kirby time — insert techno beat here (>’.’)> <(‘.'<) (^’.’)^ ^(‘.’^)

So…I’m really surprised to say the least. If you could see how much time I’ve spent editing already. (I really do need to stop, it’s quite sad.) I had two writing sessions this past week that were 90% editing. I don’t know how I’m halfway through NaNo already. My highest word count day thus far has been 6777. I averaged 2000 words an hour that day!! I wish I knew what I’d done definitely that day. I usually do between 1200 and 1500 words an hour. That was fiercely exciting.

So, I guess it’s okay to have my editor out prancing around out in the open as long as it doesn’t keep me from finishing. (Because I’ve seen this happen to people. Let it go, people, let it go!) The closer I get to the end though, the less I listen to it. When I see that light at the end of the tunnel it’s crunch time! And I’m the boss. But she’ll come back with a vengeance later. We may not always get along or agree about stuff, but she makes some really good points, and I couldn’t write as well as I do without her. ^_^

hugs my internal editor


  • Michelle A (@SunflowerRei)

    I just hit 25K! I’m working tomorrow, so I want to get as much done today as I can (as if I’m not already about 5 days ahead of schedule). During my first NaNo, it really helped to learn how to turn off the Internal Editor (I named mine Buzzy). But this time around, the Internal Editor really got peeved with my tense issue. I started it in present 3rd with Colin and then somehow, wrote in past 3rd, like I usually do, for Emma. So I went back to edit those. Everybody’s in present 3rd now and the Editor is happy for the time being.

    • krystal jane

      Yay! Go us! ^_^
      I’m about ready to take a night off. Lol!

      Sometimes the editor just won’t let things slide. 🙂 The first time I did present tense, my editor had a fit. Those first couple of chapters were a mess. I kept changing my mind.

  • rhchatlien

    I find it astonishing that you could write 25,000 words in a week. I couldn’t do that even if I were writing full-time. It totally doesn’t fit my way of writing. So congrats on the milestone!

    • krystal jane

      Thanks! 🙂
      I actually never write this fast at the beginning. Planning usually takes up a lot more time. I’m also averaging at least 300 more words an hour than normal. But I have no idea how it’s that high. I work long days and I’ve only been spending a few hours with my story a night. I guess I’m just having a lot of fun.

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