NaNoWriMo,  Work-In-Progress

It’s NaNoWriMo Time: Press Start

For NaNo this year, I’m tackling a supernatural horror story. It’s not something super new for me, but what IS new is my protagonist. I have my very first morally ambiguous MC. And not only that, in all my years of writing, I’ve NEVER had an MC start the story with a boyfriend, unless she was getting dumped on the first page. I’ve never had a pet. I’ve never had a parent that actually played an essential role (in this case, the parent is majorly essentially to my girl’s character development.) And I’ve never had a snotty MC. At least not one I actually liked and didn’t end up changing. It’s also in 1st person (a tidbit I had forgotten about until I had already promised her I’d write it–sneaky girl). While I have a story in progress that’s in 1st person and going well, I haven’t actually completed a 1st person story in a very long time.

True to nature, I flip flop ideas until I can settle on one (though sometimes not even then). This is not the same story I was talking about last week. I’m keeping the cover and title on my NaNo page because I like it, but the actual working title for this project is “Winter.” Though SOS actually, oddly enough, still fits. This is the one I wanted to write to begin with. I thought the fast paced nature of NaNo would be the perfect environment to experiment in. If I wanted to meet my word count goal, I wouldn’t have time to doubt myself. But I do hope I scare myself. Lol! And perhaps even, surprise myself. 🙂

I was hoping this would be ready in time, but I wasn’t banking on it, so I committed to doing my other project. I did a test run Thursday afternoon on SOS. 1500 words and I just wasn’t feeling it. It was incredibly windy that night and while I was on my way to a friend’s with the wind whipping around my car and pushing it around a bit, I finally figured out how I could start Winter. (What I’ve been waiting for!) I was good and waited until 12:10 to try and see if my voice memo outline for chapter one would turn up anything. And I wrote until the chapter’s end at 3000 words. Great start, eh?! ^_^

I was super excited, of course, because I’ve been excited about this story since conception. (Not to mention, that is seriously my longest opening chapter EVER.) I was so stoked on this idea when I got it that I paused in the middle of editing my last story (something I never do) to take notes and names and smooth out some details because I couldn’t stop it from trying to tumble itself together. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen because it’s all a mess in my head and it’s going to be crazy. 🙂 If it works out okay, I may just make next year “The Year of the Horror Dragon!” Or whatever. I have horror-ish ideas sprouting out my head like, well, sprouts. ^_^ *ch-cha-cha-chia!*

I’m trying to take the stress off myself with this story. Like, if it sucks, it’s okay. I finished two stories this year, I met my imaginary quota. I just want to write for once without worrying about having to write a query and send it out or any of that other nonsense that it’s waaay too early for. I haven’t written a story without thinking about it’s future in years. I don’t even remember…

I always have this pressure hanging over my head to send stuff out so I can get it published and become one of those happy, shiny people who have a book deal and feel all validated to my family like, “see, family! It’s not just a hobby, it’s a real job, I’m getting paid! see.” I never felt like I had “time” to write something just because it’s interesting to me and not worry about whether it’s “marketable” or even good or not. And that’s just ridiculous. I mean, I’m pretty sure I did what I wanted on my last story, but I knew the whole time that I was going to send it out so it had to be GREAT and perfect and fantastic and original. And as I approached the finish line, I suddenly I found myself depressed, like, I didn’t want to query again. I had already queried this year. NOT AGAIN!!!!! Lol! But really…I was depressed for like, 5 hours, which is admittedly short for me, but it still sucked, you know.

So, yeah, I’m tired of worrying all the time. I’m doing what I want with this project and I don’t care if it’s too crazy, too wildly inappropriate, or even readable. I’ve wanted a morally ambiguous MC for a very, very long time. After I’m done, all done and edited and crap, if it’s good, I’ll worry about submitting then. Not before. Never again because it makes me crazy and stressed, which makes it hard to finish. I’m hoping this becomes my new approach. 🙂

Good Luck to all the NaNo-ers!! Let’s do this!!

Meet the cast of my official NaNoWriMo 2013 Project

Analena “Lena” Reichard (16) MC

-Name Origin: Spanish/French Hybrid – (I made Reichard up, but it sounds French, am I right?)

-Snotty, Neglected, & Gorgeous

Anders Alissandratos (18) The Boyfriend

-Name Origin: Greek*

-Harboring a fantastical secret (of course!)

While I made Anders up, during my research, the name actually proved to be a bonafide Grecian name! How cool is that?!

Balen Aastrol (Age Unknown) The Antagonist

-Name Origin: ??? I was going for Medieval. It sounds German to me. Who knows as it’s completely made up.

-Abusive, controlling, and utterly heartbroken

Roland James Whitaker, II (25) Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

-Name Origin: ??? A bunch of last names I stringed together, but I’ve never had a “the second” before. ^_^

-Wrong place, wrong time, doing things he shouldn’t be doing (which is always fun for me. Lol!)

Nike the Cat (17) Stray

-Name Origin: named after the shoe? Lol! Actually, this is also Greek.

-Large, fluffy tuxedo. May be a spy.


  • Ifeoma Dennis

    Me too. I always write with the aim of getting published and well, I’m still nineteen pages into my second draft so I’ve not yet reached the panicky stage yet (that comes with queries).
    Your Nano project sounds interesting what with a morally ambiguous MC so go for it!
    And good luck!

  • Michelle A (@SunflowerRei)

    I think I beat my last NaNo’s opening word count, but it felt a little weird. I guess because I’ve been working on a single project for a long time (two years!) in multiple drafts and editing and beta’ing. Or it could be that Colin insists on being in present tense and I’m all like, “I’m more comfortable in past!” But no, he wants present. Oh, well. After November is over, I have to get the ongoing hist. fic project into query shape, anyway, so this NaNo probably won’t see the light of day after November is over, unless I decide to put it up on my blog.

    Great first day word count, Krystal!

    • krystal jane

      Thank you! ^_^
      I love present tense. The first time this happened to me though was almost two years ago. I flipped out, but it worked really well for the story and now I love it.

      Good luck! I’ll be checking in on you!

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