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Best Movie Vampires

Happy Halloween!

This is a post I’ve wanted to do for some time and what better time than on Halloween? It was this or scare you with how much I love the Chucky movies. I’ve uploaded some vampire pictures for your enjoyment. Now, I only included my favorite vampire movies, but I do want to give a shout out to Fright Night. It’s a fun movie, kind of campy, kind of gross and scary, but I want to talk about the vampires I actually liked and there is nothing about the vampire in Fright Night that I liked.

Number 1: Kraven

I didn’t even need to see his fangs to know he was a vampire. And the guy is beautiful. Not many men can pull off the horrid wardrobe he had without looking horribly skeevy…he was skeevy though…

Number 2: Armand

He’s beautiful. I’m biased. Lol! But seriously, this guy is one creepy dude. Listen to him talk. Everything he says is a calculated manipulation. And there’s nothing better than a manipulative vampire!

Number 3: Dracula

You gotta love a guy who can pull this ensemble off. Isn’t he dashing? And his hair! All that thick, gorgeous, wavy hair…so jealous. Gosh I miss the good old days when vampires could run around looking like this and it was cool. These days we’d knock his silly hat off and give him a wedgie. I’m completely digging that hat. And those glasses! And he has a cane. So cool.

Gary Oldman did a great job, but I just had to give my Scotsman Gerard Butler an honorable mention. We’re not going to discuss this movie. If you haven’t seen it, let’s just say…it’s interesting. Lol!

Number 4: Selene

She kicked some serious ass. Definitely the best cold-blooded modern day vampire around. She knows when to be logical and when to throw all logic out the window and follow her intuition.

Number 5: Vampire Louis

You gotta throw a whiner into the mix. And no one whines better than vampire Louis! He’s a brooder, this one. Proceed with caution. But he’s so classy and adaptable. I always wondered why he didn’t just kill himself though.

Number 6: Viktor

Awesome coven leader. He was so old and he kept some of the best secrets. Not to mention, he would do ANYTHING to keep the vampire blood line pure. He’s crazy.

Number 7: Blade

He was bad back when bad meant cool. And he’s wearing leather. He’s the most unvampire vampire on the list. If you haven’t seen the movie (and dude, there’s blood everywhere in that thing!), he became a vampire invitro. Yeah.

Number 8: Lestat

Lestat is vain as hell. Definitely the best example I’ve seen in the movies of a vampire so completely in love with himself being a vampire. And thanks to Anne Rice, you can listen to him go on for hundreds of pages about it.

I loved Tom Cruise’s version best, but Stuart Townsend is pretty so he get’s a shout out. And I’m super intrigued by the concept of Lestat being a rock star. One day I’m going to read that book, I swear. And honestly, his version looked more like the Lestat described in the books (sans the blond hair). But The Queen of the Damned was an awful movie. Not his fault. It was the love interest’s fault. That actress sucked the life out of the movie. Pun intended.

Number 9: Edmond Dantes

Okay, I know this guy wasn’t a vampire, but I only watched The Count of Monte Cristo because I thought it had a vampire in it. (You can laugh. I was young.) My disappointment didn’t last long because this movie is GREAT. And OMG is Jim Caviezel not the most versatile actor ever! (And Look! Henry Cavil is in the background!)

Here’s two more random pictures:

Gotta dig the bro-love. Don’t you love it when two straight guys kiss each other?

And one last shot of Shane Brolly, because I love him. Lol! (Man, he had the WORST wardrobe!)


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