Poem: For A While…

It’s poetry week again at The Narcissistic Rose Cafe! Lol! Today’s poem was inspired while I was trying to watch the movie “Blood & Chocolate” (based on the novel of the same name by Annette Curtis Klause). It’s a decent book and movie if you’re into werewolves. I was thinking about the pack leader Gabriel and why Vivian (the main character) seemed so against becoming his wolf queen. Because, like really, I liked Gabriel (in the book). He was the hot in hot sauce. And the actor who played him isn’t bad either, though they did make his character considerably more icky in the movie. Which I didn’t really appreciate, but they were changing the ending so I understand why they did that. Anyway, now that I ruined the book for you…Lol! Enjoy!

For A While
(Just do it)
Is he nice?
Sure, he’s nice
For a while…
While you’re young and hopeful
While your eyes still shine
While your heart still beats 
with the erratic rhythm of being in love
He’s a charmer
He’s a romantic
You’ll want for nothing
For a while…
Until he bores of you
Runs from you
And replaces you
And leaves you with a broken heart
And leaves you an emotional wreck
But he won’t physically harm you
He won’t verbally tear you down
So, sure he’s nice
For a while…
(11 May 2013)


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