Couple of Annoucements

Announcement #1: Starting August 1st, I’ll be posting twice a week until further notice: most likely Mondays and Thursdays. I have too many blogs I want to post and if I spread them out like I have been it’ll take me until December to get through them all and who knows what else I’ll find to talk about in the meantime. And there has been no room to participate in blog hops & chains and I would like to do some of that again.

Update (8.2.13): I will be posting twice a week still, but instead of scheduling days, I’ll be doing my regular Thursday posts and participating in WIPMarathon Updates on Saturday (deets found here). I’ll add extra posts next month and beyond on a case by case basis.

Announcement #2: I may or may not be moving my blog or making a major change in its appearance. So if you stop by and everything looks different, you are indeed in the right place. I can’t say one way or the other because I can’t ever make up my mind.

Announcement #3: I’ve been blogging for a year!! Happy Blogoversary to me. Lol!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the regular scheduled programming! Until then, here’s a PSA from Buffy the Cat:

Me Snooze Now…

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