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Top 16 Most Favorite Characters

As I continue celebrating the 16th Anniversary of my very first completed novel attempt, I comb through the vault once again to bring you this list of my Top 16 Most Favorite Characters. Only completed projects were in the running and this list is not limited to Main Characters as that wouldn’t be a long enough list (Lol! sigh). Supporting cast, villains, and minor characters associated with an MC or villain were all included.

It was a very tough competition and I’d like to give honorable mentions to the following characters: Reagan, Fiona, Roman, Arcadia, Joliene, and Richard. (You guys all rock and you’re only not on the main list because you’re all MCs and I wanted this list to have some diversity. If this was a list of my Most Favorite Main Characters, you would all totally be on there. ^^) I would also like to give shout outs to Yael and Xian. (You had such small roles, but I still love you both so much! You breathed so much life into those backstories.)

Nicole shows up at the main protagonist in novel #7 Shadow Wielder. She’s a bubbly blonde with a twin sister and she’s as weird as putting cherries on a mud pie. She’s awesome because she loves her friends and will do anything to protect them. She confronted the antagonists even though they scared the crap out of her and saved the new kid (a handsome Texan!) from being fed to the school vampire.

Castille shows up as a part of the supporting cast in novel #12 Stone of Darkness. He’s a shapeshifting white leopard and part of the villain’s inner circle. He’s awesome because in a room full of supernaturals, he manages to stand out as intelligent, level headed, and strong.

Tristan shows up in novel #9 Dark was the Night as the villain. He stands at a whopping 5’7” with a shrill laugh rivaling a 10 year old girl’s. Sporting a muscular frame no one in their right mind would be jealous of, he’s awesome because despite all of this, he was menacing, terrifying, and owned one of the largest illegal torture camps in the world.

The Dark Satyr shows up as the antagonist in the backstory of novel #11 Eternal Darkness. He’s old. He’s evil. And he has blue skin! He’s awesome because he was a master of the dark arts and lived for centuries stabbing his faithful followers in the back, all the while still managing to always have a constant supply of new ones because he’s just charismatic like that.

Gavin first shows up in novel #7 Shadow Wielder with a brief role as the guy who dies in the first act. Only he doesn’t really die. I revive his role in novel #11 Eternal Darkness as part of the supporting cast AND in novel #12 Stone of Darkness as the secondary viewpoint character. He’s awesome because he a witch, a slayer, AND a vampire! Confident and suave on the outside and a lovesick mush on the inside, he handles it all with panache.

Raika is the protagonist in novel #9 Dark was the Night. You wouldn’t think a spoiled rich aspiring actress would be so likeable, but you can’t help rooting for this naive Latina as she’s kidnapped and thrown into Tristan’s torture camp. She’s awesome because she manages to pull herself together under a tremendous amount of fear and pressure to fight her way back home.

Spencer shows up first as the love interest in novel #5 Played for a Fool and then later as the secondary viewpoint character novel #11 Eternal Darkness. He’s awesome because he will do anything to protect the girl he loves, all whilst battling his own internal demons as a half-breed vampire. His character arc is definitely one of my most favorite arcs of all time.

Siraj shows up as the principal character in the backstory of novel #11 Eternal Darkness. He’s awesome because despite his best efforts, we get to watch him fall apart after an illicit affair, going from upstanding citizen to terror in the night to crazed beast who wants to die but can’t.

Asia shows up in novel #7 Shadow Wielder as one of the villains. As a gorgeous witch working for a hot vampire, we love to hate her as we watch her go from arrogant snot to humbled (slightly less snotty) kitten. She’s awesome because not only does she fight until the bitter end, she pulls off being a bully without physically or verbally assaulting anyone. 

Simona shows up in novel #12 Stone of Darkness as another drop dead gorgeous witch working for a charismatic vampire. She’s awesome because she drips poison the moment she steps onto the page. She’s all anger and red hair and envy. This social climber makes Poison Ivy look like a three-leaf clover.

Demarco shows up in novel #13 Chains of Destiny as the villain’s personal assassin, bodyguard, and boy toy. He gives new meaning to the term “tall, dark, and handsome” as we watch him struggle for his freedom and try to pull out of a toxic relationship that’s gone on waaay too long. He’s awesome because inside, he’s just a boy fighting to choose his own path in life.

Brother Tom shows up as the villain in novel #12 Stone of Darkness (there’s a lot of number 12s on the board, Lol!). He’s awesome because he uses his charisma and charm to rally a diverse group of supernaturals together under a single cause, something that hasn’t been done in over a thousand years. A true leader, he does all the wrong things for perfectly noble reasons. (And gives the best troop rallying speech I’ve ever written!)

Petra shows up in my work-in-progress (currently untitled novel # to-be-determined) as the MC. With her dark curls and violet eyes, she’s a confident, fiery mutant in a hostile futuristic world. She’s awesome because she’s strong, cracks like a nut under pressure, and pulls herself out the ashes of defeat to go up against an opponent no one should ever have go up against.

Eve shows up first as a minor character in novel #6 Club Midnight. I loved this immortal witch so much I brought her back as part of the supporting cast in novels #11 & #12 (Eternal Darkness and Stone of Darkness). All purple and black and rage, she’s awesome because despite the fact she can kill anyone with a literal snap of her fingers, she doesn’t go around setting people on fire willy-nilly. Don’t be fooled by her tough outer shell, she tops the chart as one of the most vulnerable characters I’ve ever had.

Adria shows up as the villain in novel #13 Chains of Destiny. This obsessive redheaded princess is the embodiment of “crazy, beautiful.” She’s awesome because despite her violence and insanity, the world can’t help but feel sorry for this haunted and broken girl.

Ares shows up a few times a well. First as the villain, Neco in novel #8 Sudden Fury and later as his namesake in novels #11 & #12 (Eternal Darkness & Stone of Darkness). Also known as the Golden Boy because his golden hair and skin, this dark, charismatic vampire is awesome because he owns his badness. He’s a vampire who enjoys being a vampire and because he was born a vampire, he has some rather (nasty) surprise abilities that even Eve doesn’t see coming.

And there you have it, folks! The Top 16 Most Favorite Characters in my library. This also concludes my blog post celebrations. Next week is poetry week and I hope to entrance you all with a poem of some kind. Cheers! ^^


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