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Why Are There So Many Stories On My Plate?!

Stop the MADNESS!

I woke up a couple of weeks ago to find my head ready to explode. (Calm down, not literally!) On my coffee table were (count ’em) SIX composition books, one of which had TWO story ideas inside. Plus I had another idea on a notepad I carry around with me in case I get a scene idea or think up some revision notes or something when I’m at work. AND I have a rewrite on my hands. It was crazy. I felt like my alien friend, except I has no vampire teeth. 🙁

How did this happen? Why?

I had lost my mind, clearly.

I was scared, plain and simple. What if I pour my heart into another story and it gets rejected like last time? I needed multiple projects on the table to keep that from happening! Also, I’m supposed to be writing what I want. Didn’t I want to write those sequels? I must work on them, too!

It’s just ridiculous.

No. I can’t function like that. I vented to a friend (that’s what friends are for). I was stressed out. I wanted to work through my stress on 8 different projects and a rewrite. That was only adding to my stress. The solution? I wrote the opening chapters for said sequels and put them aside. Then I wrote out a brief plot summary for the new idea and put that aside. Everything else but the two projects I had started with and the rewrite? Set aside. Three projects is busy enough and I’m not working on them at the same time either. I’m mostly focusing on one and will throw the other two in there if the mood strikes. Otherwise, they are simply next in line. I’m happy I want to write the sequels, but they can wait. The original stories aren’t going anywhere. They’ll make good projects to work on between projects and that’s exactly what I intend to do. If I didn’t want to work on my current projects, I wouldn’t have started them. I don’t work on stuff I’m not interested in. And I have a pile of composition books to prove it.

On a random note: Did you know they made DEcomposition books out of recycled materials? I would get one, but I have an ick factor with the word decomposition. So I got a few recycled paper composition books in another brand instead. Yeah…just really not into anything that makes me think of zombies…

So, I spent almost 3 weeks in a crazy state trying to work on everything. And you know what that means. I wasn’t getting jack done. In the last week since I’ve dropped the craziness, I’ve calmed down and have been able to focus. Now, the writing is going strong again and it’s going well, for at least one project anyway (see the progress I’m making to your right!).

Lesson? Fear is a nasty, nasty beast. And so is stress, by the way.
Fear…ha, ha! Next time he shows up I’m cracking his head open over a skillet and eating his brains. insert maniacal laugh here


  • Thea

    I was saying last night that I at least need to make a written list of all of my ideas so they don't slip out of my head. I'm like you, though – I know if I have too much going on, nothing will get done. I try to limit myself to one major project and one smaller project, and that tends to work out okay. Good luck!

  • krystal jane

    Now, there's a good idea! My smaller projects keep falling through the cracks. I'm going to have to give that a try. I keep all of my ideas in a notebook or on scraps of paper stuffed in the back. When I'm ready to start a new story I rip the idea and tape to the inside of the composition. It's fun seeing how the idea has grown or changed since conception. Thanks for stopping by!

  • SunflowerRei (Michelle)

    I'm so in the midst of the WIP that I can't comprehend having another idea right now. I used to go through writer angst if I could only come up with one idea and wasn't springing through one after another like you are. "I'm never ever getting another idea ever again." But actually, it's kind of a relief to not feel stressed that I would forget all about those brilliant ideas while working on multiple stories at a time.

  • krystal jane

    I used to freak out if I didn't have something else in the works. Now, I realize that it's just not possible to run out of ideas. As if to prove it to me, my brain started giving me this flood of ideas about 7 months ago. It's definitely a lot less stressful to just have one project occupying your brain at a time. Thankfully, my other stories are being fairly quiet and patient right now. I appreciate that. Lol!

  • randi lee

    You are very right! Fear and stress are nasty little things…especially when married to each other. I have moments where I don't know what to start on (and you know how many projects I'm working on) so I just sit at my desk and stare at my computer monitor for, seriously, hours at a time. It's hard to juggle when you're feeling bad…but I'm glad you're feeling more focused and you seem to be on the road to recovery ! 😀

  • krystal jane

    Thanks! ^_^ I've been trying really hard to take some of the pressure off myself. I can relate all too well about staring at the computer screen. I hope everything is going well with you in life and in writing!

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