The Tree Inspiration Grows On…

Meet the Bonsai Tree

…And you can keep it in a little pot on your desk! (Who knew?)

Inspiration is everywhere. Literally. It’s not just limited to books. It can be found in the newspaper, in live theatre, on a street corner, at a bus stop, at the movie theater, in the forest, the possibilities are endless…like the universe. Now, everyone is different. I’m not likely to be staring into a car lot and get inspired. It may happen, but unlikely. Other people, may look into that car lot and see Fast and Furious 7 (please, no! Lol!). Now that I think about it though, a story that starts off with someone jacking a car outside of Bonnaroo…I can do something with that. wheels turning

Case and point.

Inspiration can be found anywhere…by any dreamer who is open to finding it.

Beware the Troll that guards this tree. Or is it a hummingbird?


  • randi lee

    VERY TRUE! I just went on a marathon road trip to pick up my new puppy, and the drive completely opened up my mind. Keep your eye open, I always say, because inspiration IS everywhere!

  • krystal jane

    I know, right! I was always limiting where my inspiration could come from because I write fantasy. Since I've realized it's everywhere, I've literally been flooded with ideas.

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