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AW March Blog Chain: Interview with a Leprechaun

This month’s prompt:
What the Leprechaun Said

I’ve had the privilege of coaxing a leprechaun into my house this weekend for an interview. Said Leprechaun, Rhinehart O’Walley-Dinks, had given me permission of posting the interview here. He hopes this will shed some light on his kind and discard some of the misconceptions about his people. 

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Official Interview
Me: Good afternoon, Rhinehart, thank you so much for trusting me enough to sit down in my living room and talk with me today. 
Rhinehart: (takes a sip of tea from his mug as his eyes shift over to my cat who is watching him with interest) Ah, yes. You’re very welcome. How could I turn down such a polite invitation from someone with even a drop of Irish blood in her veins? And you didn’t try to frisk me in search of gold. I appreciate that. (looks at cat again) He’s, ah, not going to eat me, is he?
Me: No, no. If he makes a go at you I’ll just lock him upstairs. 
Rhinehart: Ah…good. (gulps) So, you have some questions for me?
Me: Yes. But before we start, can you describe what you look like to the audience?
Rhinehart: I’m a wee bit short, about 7 inches high. You may be wondering how I got all the way over here from Ireland! We travel magically, by winking, from clover to clover. Only clovers with four or more leaves though. And only clovers at the feet of rainbows. I have blue eyes and brown hair. Not all leprechauns are redheads! (shakes fists at ceiling) I’m wearing a little brown suit. Been wearing the same suit for 15 years. I wish I would grow out of it but I haven’t grown a bit since I was 7 years old.
Me. Excellent. Can you debunk the myth that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?
Rhinehart: Yes I can. There is not! If there was, would I be this poor? Look at me clothes! There’s a hole in me jacket pocket! Hole in me pants! Hole in me socks! Look at my shoes. Well, the shoes are nice, but they’re from my grandmammy. Christmas present. She always makes sure I have good shoes on my feet and a warm jacket on me back. (smiles)
Me: So there is not gold anywhere?
Rhinehart: Sure, in a mine somewhere. But you see how tiny I be! I can’t be floundering around carrying golden chips in me pockets. Me poor sad holey pockets. (breaks down in tears)
Me: You okay?
Rhinehart: (sniffs) Yes. You think I’d be used to poverty by now.
Me: I can sew. Want me to make you a new jacket?
Rhinehart: (face lights up) Would you? That would be just lovely. Thank you!
Me: No problem. In fact, why don’t I give you a dollar, too. What will that buy at the leprechaun shop? Some new socks?
Rhinehart: A whole dollar! Might just buy me a house! And an engagement ring for my sweetheart Frauline. (hugs himself)
Me: Really? Well, in that case, I’ll give you two dollars. I’d give you more, but it’s all I have on me at the moment. 
Rhinehart: Two dollars! This is truly the happiest day of me life! (hops up and starts line dancing)
Me: Glad I could bring so much joy to your day. It was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to see a leprechaun. The small percentage of Irish blood in my veins is dancing along with you. 
Rhinehart: (singing) Going to buy my love a cliff-side cabin by the sea!
(cat swats at the dancing Rhinehart and he screams. I pick Rhinehart up and place him on my desk.)
Me: So, leprechauns are poor?
Rhinehart: Not me! Not anymore! Ha, ha! (resumes singing and dancing)
Me: Well…I guess this interview is over.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any well wishes for Rhinehart, leave them in the comment section and I’ll make sure him and Frauline get them.

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