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New Project & Novel Trackers!

I found this awesome, awesome novel tracker thingie here. It’s a completely customizable 30 day spreadsheet so you can use it outside of NaNoWriMo. She has one for tracking your progress over the course of a year from month to month, as well. I encourage everyone to check it out. I played around with it last night. It was a lot of fun.

Here’s a link to a word count ticker like the one I’ve set up to your right. I thought it would motivate me if I could see the progress I’m making from week to week. I’ve given myself this lovely deadline of about 9 weeks (don’t ask, no logic). It’s only 1250 words a day. I’m excited. ^^

I’m embarking on my first futuristic-type fantasy. I’ve created a monster with my last story. (Literally & Figuratively) I’m obsessed with drawing maps now. Ha! For now it looks like I’ll just have one POV with a few mysterious side POVs, something I love doing very much and haven’t done in years. We’ll see what happens. My MC is so, so chatty. She may not leave room for anyone else to talk. Lol! In fact, everyone is super chatty. Except the dead lady. Because that would be weird. I guess it’s pent-up excitement on their part. I had to lock them up for a few weeks while I edited Chains of Destiny. They were so patient. I love them so much for that. ^^

On a random note: I’m a closet mad scientist and currently conducting a query experiment. If anything worth reporting happens I’ll come back in couple of weeks and share my findings. Otherwise, it goes into the failed experiment cabinet and this conversation never happened. Lol! 

Here’s a pretty picture!

inspiration for Petra’s story

Spring is just around the corner. Allergy season awaits. sigh 


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