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February Blog Chain: Evil Cupid

This month’s AbsoluteWrite’s Blog Chain theme: Suggest-A-Prompt.
Since Charity is before me, she picked my topic: Evil Cupid
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I suggest Hunting with Hounds ^_^

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Evil Cupid
Cupid’s not a fat, pink baby
He’s an old and cranky man.
His skin is grey, his hair is green
He breaks up couples whenever he can.

The roses you bought for your love
Cupid wilted them enroute.
He also is responsible
For that mustard stain on your favorite suit.

The candy you bought for your spouse?
He dumped into his arrow sack.
That burned salmon in the oven?
Cupid had cranked the temperature up behind your back.

That flat tire on the way to Chez Paris
Yep, that was Cupid.
While you shouted at the sky
He sat back and laughed, “Man, do you look stupid.”

What a beautiful diamond necklace!
He’ll add it to his collection.
You won’t make it to the house with it
He’ll distract you with an oozing pimple in your reflection.

His heart was broken once you see
By the fairest maiden of all.
Turns out the maiden was a statue
And stone can’t return your call.

The arrows he has are poisoned
He kills love with every shot.
So if you’re alone on Valentine’s
Be thankful that part of a couple, you’re not.

Coda ^_^

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