Happy Dance,  Writing Journey

First Draft Complete!

OMG! It’s been 4 months in the making, almost to the exact day, but I’m done with my first draft and it came up at over 9,000 words longer than I was expecting. (This is a good thing.) happy dance

oversized martini glass!

I shamelessly had this delivered to myself today to commemorate my success. I bought them ahead of time so it feels really good to actually have been done when they showed up.

Official Title: Chains of Destiny coming 2014. Lol!

I had two pretty big moments when I didn’t think this story was going to make it. The first time was early one when I got to my third chapter and realized the big scene I had planned was falling flat. I thought to myself, “Crap, not again.” I had just shelved a story after two chapters and a prologue because my heroes were sinking my plot. I was bored, they were boring. It just wasn’t ready for primetime. I had also started that failed story after another story fell apart in the planning process and 3 others failed in the conception stage.

But an unexpected hero (Lol!) stepped up and saved the day. And actually completely changed the original focus of my story. (That’s how awesome he is. ^_^)

The next moment came about a third of the way through. I sat at work working on the intro for a new story (which became the new intro for this story), because something about my heroine was bugging the crap out of me. It was awful because I loved everyone else and the idea and I was so many chapters in and I’ve NEVER dumped a story that far in before. I beat myself up for wasting all thise time (at this point 2 and a half months) when I could have been working on or even done with something else. I decided to move on and started drafting a new idea and playing with my plot cards to see if that would inspire anything as well.

But the flu came along and my brain emptied itself so I could focus on getting better, and after that week, I knew what my problem was: the old intro was vivid (which is why I liked it) but it started the story and mood off on the completely wrong foot. It left me confused about her personality. She seemed one way in the first two chapters and completely different in the following chapters.

The next six weeks I did what I do best: write like a crazy person. I’m not surprised I beat my deadline, I would be more surprised if I didn’t. I get really competitive with myself. That said, back in December when I set the goal finish date: I thought I was being crazy for thinking I could write 2/3rds in the time it took me to write 1/3rd and just knew there was no way I was going to make it. 

This just goes to show you: You don’t actually have to believe you can do something in order to accomplish it. You just have to try anyway.


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