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Love Triangle, Love Diamond

Every since I read my first love triangle and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I’ve hated them with an all consuming fiery passion. Just once I want the character to pick the person I like! The girls always pick the same guy. The “safe” guy, instead of taking the risk with the better match. Or the guy they think they’ll die without instead of the guy who will die without them. Or – and the least dramatic scenario – they pick the first guy because we all know you can only fall in love once ever in your entire life. insert sarcasm here

Same old hat, same old dance, same old sad, sorry tune.

Guy A meets Girl and likes her. Girl likes Guy A back. But WAIT! There’s Guy B. Guy B really likes Girl, too. Girl feels guilty for not liking Guy B because he’s really great so she drags his good name through the mud while she makes up her mind and ends up choosing Guy A anyway because that’s who she really wanted all along even though Guy B is waay better for her. (end rant)

Long story short, I started working on my current story and I’m like, OH NO! I have a love triangle. A real one! (I say real because I’m a big fan of fake love triangles where one of the guys is only pretending to like the girl until he gets something from her, usually some kind of power.) So I fight this love triangle because I just hate them.

Then I thought…perhaps I hate them because I’ve never done one before. So I decide to let my characters drag me on this journey. But WAIT!…I finally give in to having a real love triangle, only to realize I don’t one after all. (Don’t worry triangle, I’ll be coming after you again!) Guy likes girl, but this time the girl likes someone else. To make matters worse, that guy likes someone else and THAT girl is obsessed with the first guy and I’m like…whoa! What is going on here? So I drew it out:

Yes, I made it myself. On Paint of all things.

Look at it. It’s a mess. (Not really because I’m neat, but you get my point.) It looks like no one is going to end up happy because no one is getting their feelings returned. I mean, I know what’s going to happen, but no one else does. ^_^

Seems like I’ve found a way to like love triangles…by stretching them out and turning them into a diamond! Ooh, layers! I imagine this makes me look like a monster, emotionally torturing everyone, and it only gets worse as the story moves along. I would like to say I’m not having the most fun with a subplot ever…but I kinda am. ^_^

Bring on the diamonds!
Now I’ll see them everywhere.


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