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Okay, I’m finally going to do what I said I was going to do three weeks ago and post an excerpt from the current chapter I’m working on.

First, an update. ^_^
I’m atrociously bad at coming up with titles. Last time I spent 2 weeks combing through more than sixty title ideas before I settled on Eternal Nightfall only to change it halfway through the query process to Stone of Darkness. I was starting to lean towards calling my current project something really stupid (Lol!) so I decided to get a jump on it. Yesterday I wrote down 31, today I’m down to 10. Naturally, when brainstorming a lot of stupid titles will come to mind. Of those 10, I have 6 flagged that I like best. As the story progresses I’ll narrow them down some more or come up with more, but at least I’m off my original title, which is so stupid I can’t even write it down. Lol!

To help me come up with titles, I drafted a query! To be able to draft anything this early in the process (I’m about a third of the way through the first draft, but I have the story mapped out except for the last chapter or two) is just amazing! It’s awful I’m sure, but I get so excited when I read it. When I clean it up a little bit I’ll post it. ^_^

Preamble: Every since I read Hunger Games last year I’ve been writing in present tense. I always wanted to do it but I had it in my head that it wasn’t allowed. Since then, I say, screw all the rules, I’m doing what I want. It’s creative writing. There are no rules in creative writing. ^_^

So, drumroll…here’s an excerpt from my lastest chapter. runs and hides

Chapter 13 (from working title Ispartia):

She wishes there was a clock in the room. How do people tell time here? She has no idea how long she’s been staring at the ceiling. She sighs and pushes herself up into a sitting position so she can look out the window. Darkest blue stretches out in every direction.

            Now that she has time to think, the events of the day come flooding back to her in a rush. She reaches up and touches the circlet around her head. She pulls at it and the flat band slips off easily. Strange. It feels so light. Now, without it, her head feels cold and exposed. She slips it back on and twists at the bands around her wrists as she looks around the dark room.
            Demarco. A small smile touches her lips. She wishes she had talked more. Or that they could have talked longer. Why did he come to her aid today? Was it an accident? Was he really trying to protect her? Or is Felix right and he just did it to throw her off? She touches the pendant around her neck. Did he know her powers were locked away inside?
She gets out of bed and walks over the small bundle of clothes by the door. She rifles through it until she finds the old, shrunken mirror. She runs her thumb over the now tiny inscription on the bottom. Idioktisia tou pylóna. “Property of the Pillar,” she whispers. She sits back on her heels and closes her eyes as she hugs the little mirror tightly to her chest. Can she really leave this place and go back to Boston? Would she lose her powers if she did?
She pulls the mirror back and examines the circlet around her head. The bright silver looks really good on her. She wonders how it’s staying in place so well. She tilts the mirror to the left and right. How does this thing work?  She shakes it. Nothing happens. She sighs and stuffs it back into the bundle of foreign clothes. She can’t go back anyway. She can’t leave these people to keep suffering under the rule of a tyrant with no hope whatsoever. Besides, who knows how much time would pass by in Ispartia if she left? Who knows how much time has passed in Boston? All of her friends could be dead by now.
The thought sends a prickly tingle up her spine. Wait…not the thought…She jumps to her feet. The prickly feeling travels down her arms and legs. “What—“

The ground explodes from under her feet. 

To be continued….


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