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The Story Isn’t Going To Write Itself…

…and by the way, the mountain isn’t going to climb itself either.

I’ve been thinking about goals lately (guess there’s something in the air) and while I’m not a fan of making “New Year’s Resolutions,” I am a fan of setting goals and working towards them. Usually I make goals like, “Finish story XYZ by 123.” But I don’t ever say HOW I’m going to do that. I don’t make sure I’m setting aside time to write. I don’t make sure I’m taking care of myself so that I have the mental energy to sit down and write. And despite what I sometimes say to myself, “Wow, this story is going so well, it’s practically writing itself!” the story is not actually going write itself.

Common New Year’s Resolutions and the FACTS about them:
Your body doesn’t quit craving nicotine by itself. 
-People actually have to go through the withdrawals, find some other crap to do, get a patch-thingie, whatever.
Calories don’t burn themselves. 
-People actually have to get up (off the couch, out of bed, outta the car) and exercise.
Alcohol doesn’t buy itself and stuffs itself into your fridge. 
-People actually have to not buy the alcohol in the first place. It’s hard to believe I know, but it’s so, so true. Trust me. Alcoholic drinks don’t have legs to walk or hands to grab your face with.

True Fact.
Stories don’t actually write themselves.

Shocking, isn’t it? I know I was shocked when I found this out last week.

I have to actually sit down at my computer and write it out myself!

But that’s a good thing. Because this is something I can control.
I can’t control whether agents read or like my stuff. But I CAN control whether it stays an unopened file on my computer or not. I CAN control whether I put it “out there” or not. I CAN control whether I finish the story or not.

I can’t control the hours in the day.
But I can control what time I get up in the morning.

My writing goal for the year is to keep putting my work out there. 100% of the stories that stay on my computer never get published. Another shocking fact, right? I know!

Whatever your goals are for the day, week, month, season, or year….keep this one fact in mind: The Goal Isn’t Going to Reach Itself. ^_^

Happy 2013!!
The Chinese Year of the Snake starts February 10th.
Isn’t that charming? bad joke


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