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Good vs. Bad (Writing Buddies)

I didn’t write this week so instead of doing what I said I was going to do (haha!), I have a nice pretty list for your viewing pleasure. But first, a lovely diagram my sister sent me one night when I was slacking off. Print and duck tape to your ceiling. ^_^

Bad Writing Buddies
1* Complain about the length of time it takes to receive feedback to everyone but you and without first checking with you to make sure life hasn’t swallowed you up.
2* Take 8 months to respond with feedback – and don’t explain why – everyone gets busy – just say you’re busy. Or dying.
3* Yell at you when they don’t like your honest feedback on their work. And don’t thank your for your hard work and all the time you put into their story either.
4* Don’t help you out in any way at all or even bother to cheer you on when your reaching out for your goals.
5* Only talk about their problems (whatever they may be) and never let you talk about anything. Period.
6* Don’t tell you the truth.
7* Don’t support you.
8* Conveniently disappear whenever you need them.

Good Writing Buddies
1* Don’t forget about you.
2* Are honest and supportive.
3* Help you work kinks out of your story.
4* Want you to succeed and are happy for you when you do.
5* Don’t let you make excuses and stop writing.
6* Threaten to feed you to a mutant panda bear if you don’t meet your deadline.
7* Let you know if they’re too busy (or too crazy at the moment) to edit your story, but still maybe try to squeeze a chapter or two in anyway.
8* Pick you up when you’re down and don’t let you stay down.

Examples ^_^

Writer 1 (W1): My short story got accepted into that magazine I told you about last week!!!!
Writer 2 (W2): OMG! How exciting! Let me know when it comes out so I can buy a copy!!

W1: My short story got accepted into that magazine I told you about last week!!!
W2: OMG! My foot hurts sooo bad. I think I twisted it. Sorry I’ve been MIA, my 3rd cousin twice removed has a sore throat and I’ve been having to babysit for an hour everyday while his mom takes some “me” time. Woe is me. So what’s up with you?

W1: I’ll have your feedback ready by the end of the week.
W2: Thank you SO much, you’re the bestest! Have you submitted your story yet? Today is the deadline. gentle push into a canyon where Nessie is waiting ^_^

W1: I’ll have your feedback ready by the end of the week.
W2: Okay. Thanks. —-goes back to stewing because it’s been 24 hours since you sent them the 10 chapters and they haven’t gotten back to you yet—-

W1: sad face Got three rejections. Two forms and one that said: “This is the most unoriginal idea that has come across my desk all year. Please never send me a query ever again. If I wanted to read icky crap, I’d pick up a copy of Barney’s new picture book for Adults, ‘Case of the Purple Stamp Collectors.’ Thanks. Signed, Fabulous Agent.”
W2: Ugh! I can’t believe they said that. Well, you don’t want to work with someone like that anyway. I’m so sorry. virtual hug Keep fighting the good fight! You’re so talented!! Wait, Barney has a book for Adults…say whaaa?

W1: sad face Got three rejections today. Two forms and one that said: “Thanks for thinking of me. Please don’t think of me ever again. I said I do YA. That means contemporary YA only. You sent me fantasy YA. Please see my bio. It clearly says that I only do YA. Thanks. Signed, Fabulous Agent.”
W2: Too bad about the rejections. Maybe you should rewrite your query, it’s probably not very good. I would read it, but I’m super busy with my hurt foot and my stupid cousin. Have you thought about going into theatre? I hear drama queens do well in theatre.

Disclaimer: All of the above examples are fictional. Any similarity to real life is intended unintended but hilarious, unfortunate, or all of the above.

Happy New Year!!
May your year be filled with fun and success!
2013 – The Year of the Writer ^_^


  • Thea

    Despite your disclaimer, I kind of think we might know some of the same people. 😉 (And then those people wonder why we gradually pull away from them?)LOVE your diagram. I might need to save it so I can 1) look at it every day, and 2) pass it along to my GOOD writing friends!

  • randi lee

    LOVE the diagram. Especially the "find someone better than you" –> "keep writing" bit. That's such an important part of being a writer. No names will be dropped, but some of my writing buddies can't handle being told "you can always do better." They don't understand that it isn't a slight, but motivation to achieve even greater things. I can also relate to some of your funny-beacause-they're-totally-true examples! I used to run a writing critique group which I eventually abandoned because people expected five chapters returned in a day–and critiquing them was out of the question because they all "wrote perfectly." Man, looking back at this comment, I see I need some new writing buddies. Wanna partner up, lol? Happy New Year, Krystal!!

  • krystal jane

    Happy New Year!!Lol! Maybe we should! I'm always amazed at how someone can ask me to edit something and then get mad because I do. If it was so perfect than why did they ask for my help? I guess some people just want us to tell them that they're great.

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