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Setting Deadlines & Why I’m Glad I Got the Flu

I’ve been pondering the importance of self-imposed deadlines. I’m not under contract. There are no fans screaming for my next book. Is it worth the stress to force a deadline on myself to finish something when there’s no one waiting for it?
But wait…there is someone waiting for it. ME. And without a deadline, there’s nothing keeping me from getting lazy and just saying, eh, I’ll do more work tomorrow. So…I’m officially announcing a finish date for my current novel: February 13th. Why the 13th? Because the 14th is Valentine’s Day and that will make my deadline easy to remember. It makes sense in my head anyway. And the number 13 is significant to my story so there’s my logic.

I realize this gives me a little under 2 months to finish. That wouldn’t be a problem but I had the flu last week. And while I had the flu I did nothing. And while I was doing nothing, my brain got to completely relax. And during that time my brain solved the problem I was having with this novel.

Enter An American Werewolf in Paris. Love that movie. See, I like certain things. (Don’t we all. ^^) And some of the things I like best in previous novels that I’ve written, are missing from this current story. I took my vampires and werewolves and shapeshifters and witches out and all of a sudden, I lose my passion for writing. Lately, writing has been painful…and boring.

Now, the answer wasn’t to add vampires to this current story. Tempting, but no. What I needed is what all my other stories have whether there’s a vampire in them or not. That element. That magic. The way I write when I’m lost in the story and having a good time. There’s magic in this story, but it’s different. Well, I’m changing it back to the old magic. The magic I love. I don’t need vampires, but I do need that dark vampire magic.

To accommodate these changes, I have to start over. Not from scratch. My heroine’s personality is the same, the characters are all the same, the endgame is the same. Only Reagan’s (my MC) circumstances have changed, and naturally, that’s going to change the plot.

So I’ve given myself two months to write a novel. I think I can do it. If I subtract the time I usually spend obsessing over some random element, I usually finish stuff in two months anyway. Most of the things in my secondary POV should stay the same. That should help. To keep me accountable (and to embarasss myself) I’ll post 100 words or so from the last chapter I finished every week along with an updated word count. My word count goal is always 75,000. I hardly ever make it with the first draft, but I like to shoot for it anyway. ^^

Anywho, ten days till Christmas and half the lights on my tree go out. Grrr. Wouldn’t be so bad except it was the lights in the middle. Ah, well, at least I took a picture of it already.

To reward myself for meeting my deadline, I’m buying myself the Lucius Malfoy Walking Stick from the Harry Potter Shop. ^_^


  • randi lee

    Hi Krystal! I wanted to stop by and wish you Happy Holidays and also to say thanks for all of the support you've given me over the past year. You're a really great person and it's been awesome sauce getting to blog-know you. Hope the following week treats you splendidly, and I look forward to continuing to get to know each other 😀

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