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Homemade Gift Ideas

Feeling crafty this season?

Here are a few ideas of things you can make for friends and family (and yourself!) for Christmas or any time of the year!

*All of these ingredients and supplies can be found at any craft store or online. Things like herbs and essential oils can be found at a health food store or online.

Scented Sachets
Small Drawstring Bags (or if you’re extra crafty, you can make your own drawstring bags!)
Herbs (preferably herbs that smell nice like jasmine, lavender, chamomile, rose petals, peppermint, spearmint, whatever)
– (optional) Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil (for a stronger scent)

*Mix herbs with essential oils (about 3 drops per bag), stuff bags, pull tightly close, & Voila! Finito.

Scented Candles

Example of finished product

Beeswax or Soy Wax (1 pound makes about 5 medium sized candles)
Large Glass Measuring Cup or Small Saucepan (a plastic container will melt)
Glass Jars
Candle Dye
Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil
– (optional) Glue Gun

*Melt wax in microwave or on stove top
Cut wicks to fit jar and glue or place in center of the jar
Pour wax in jar about 3/4 full (overfilling could cause wax to crack at the top when dry)
Add candle dye and essential oil and stir

Bubble Bath

Penguin loves his awesome purple scarf!

4 oz of Unscented Body Wash or Shampoo (you can also use unscented castille soap, but note that it won’t foam as much)
4 oz of Purified or Distilled Water
2 ounce of Vegetable Glycerin
Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil
– (optional) Embroidery Thread

*Mix all ingredients in a bowl with 5 to 7 drops of essential oil
Pour into containers
(optional) Decorate container with embroidery thread

< used Lavender, Neroli, Sandalwood, and Lime essential oils

Bath Salts
Course Ground Sea Salt
Epsom Salt
Vegetable Glycerin
Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil
– (optional) Food Grade Dye

*Fill container 2/3 of the way with Sea Salt and 1/3 with Epsom Salt
Add 1 tsp (teaspoon) Vegetable Glycerin
Add 3 drops essential oil
(optional) Add a couple drops of Food Grade Dye
Shake until well mixed

Glycerin Soap

For the Ladies: Aura Cacia’s Mellow Mix & Rose Petals

1 pound Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Base – yields about 6 bars (you can also use Melt & Pour Olive Oil Soap or Goat’s Milk Soap Base)
Soap Molds
Large Glass or Plastic Measuring Cup or Mixing Bowl
Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil
Rubbing Alcohol
Spray Bottle
– (optional) Rose Petals
– (optional) Food Grade Dye

For the boys: Two drops each of Sandalwood & Peppermint

*Melt soap base in microwave for 1 minute (can also melt in saucepan over the stove)
Stir out any lumps
Mist soap molds with alcohol
Add 1 tsp essential oil and stir
(optional) Add a couple drops of food grade dye and stir
Pour into soap molds
(optional) Press rose petals into the soap mold with a spoon
Mist tops of soap with alcohol (to prevent the formation of bubbles)
Let sit for 30 minutes
Freeze for 30 minutes
Pop soap out of molds and you’re done!


Herb Pillows
*Made the same as scented sachets only bigger. You can also make your own pillows cases and sew them shut or tie them shut with ribbon.
*Good herb combinations:
Herbal Sleep Pillow: lemon balm, hops, passion flower, lavender
Relaxation Pillow: lavender, chamomile, lemon balm
Potpourri Pillow: jasmine, lavender, rose petals
Sinus Relief Pillow: peppermint, eucalyptus
Headache Pillow: peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm

For those of you handy with a sewing machine:
Tote Bags make a great gift!

The Famous Hamlet the Cat posing with a Floral Tote
Seen here in Safari Print

*Seen Above: Simplicity Pattern 2551 (comes with two tote bag patterns, a purse, and a wallet)

Happy Gift Giving!


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