NaNoWriMo Update

My word count thus far is unimpressive, but it’s still early! I’m only a few hundred words behind so I totally still have hope. ^^

News: I decided a week into NaNoWriMo to change courses. I love my current project. But since I’m not published and remain pessimistic about the whole idea, I don’t think I’m going to relax until I write a sequel. I’ve never done it before. Honestly, part of me is relieved no one wants my last book because I didn’t want to have to write its sequel. (Isn’t that awful!) Well, I’m not going to run from it anymore. Seriously, this sequel is literally hanging over my head screaming at me. I promised the characters I would finish it and now they’ve come to collect. (Aren’t they nice? ^^)

It’s like Jumanji…once you start the game, you have to finish it.

Well, I’m done running. I can’t say I’m officially setting my current project aside until the sequel is done, but I do need a break on that one, so I’m going to do another thing I’ve never done before: bounce back and forth between projects.

This pushes my original deadline back for the current novel, but I’m like, who cares, it’s not like it’s getting published anyway so I might as well do whatever I want in whatever order and take however long I want to finish it. Knowing me, something will be done and primed for polishing by the end of the year cause that’s just how I roll. But no more pressure. I’m stressed out and nothing good ever happens to me when I’m stressed out.

In other news, I’m done Christmas shopping. Completely done. I ran around town yesterday collecting goodies. I have a few things I’m waiting to come in the mail and I have some glycerin soap to make for the people at work and for my mom & grandmother. I’m so excited. I’m going to put rose petals in it. It looks so pretty in my head. I’ll probably make it on Sunday. Aren’t I just crafty? ^^ (Homemade Gifts Blog to come in the next couple of weeks!)

So I have a mission. And I decided to just start the sequel from the hip. I tried planning it, but I keep having to rewrite my outline. I think I’ll wait until I have a good start on it before I start plotting on it again. Seems to be working well for my current project, which has now become current project #1.

pulls up the document I started for the sequel two months ago Time to get to work. ^^

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