NaNoWriMo,  Tips


I was going to make this post about horror movies, but…I changed my mind. Instead I want to talk about NaNoWriMo also known as National Novel Writing Month
<————— I got a T-Shirt! I can’t wait to wear it. ^^

 50,000 words in on month may seem like a lot. But lets break it down, shall we? That’s approximately 1667 words a day. For me, this translates to just under 2 hours on a good day.

Is two hours a days a realistic goal? Yes.
Since I’ve been getting up earlier, I have three extra hours built in to every day.

So here are some tips on how you can manage a two or three hour writing session everyday (let’s build some room into our schedule for bad days shall we?) clears throat

1) Don’t Sleep In….you can sleep in when it’s over.

2) Watch Less Television….just about anything worth watching is available to watch online or you can pile it up on your DVR (my option) and watch it in December when there’s nothing but reruns on.

3) Work Writing Into Your Daily Schedule…example:
7:00 am – Eat Breakfast & Exercise
8:00 am – Take Munchkins to school, Dog for a walk, Shower, Read Newspaper/Funnies, Whatever
9:00 am – Write
10:00 am – Go to work
6:00 pm – Get home from work & Make Dinner
7:00 pm.- Pay attention to Pet/Significant other/Kids/Watch TV/Whatever
8:30 pm – Write
11:00 pm – Go to Bed
That’s three and half hours of writing right there and on your days off, you can always double that. ^

4) Hakuna Matata or Don’t Worry/Don’t Stress…Let yourself write crap, Turn the internal editor off, Let the dishes pile up in the sink until the weekend ^^ or get someone else to do it if you live with other people. Talk to your characters if they start acting sketchy. Promise them a party on December 1st if they behave.

5) Have Fun!…Enjoy your story time! Get lost in your world! Lose track of time! Don’t just write your 1667 words and quit for the day. Write until your brain tells you it’s done for the day…and listen to your brain and actually stop. (We don’t want to melt our brains.)

So, my personal goals for NaNo are thus: I have a 60,000 word count goal because I’m aiming to finish my current project by the end of the month. It may not quite be that much, but if I can get close to that, I know I can get done with this first draft. Then I can spend December catching up on my large pile of books to read while my story sits and waits for me to get enough distance from it.

Happy NaNoWriMo participants!

If you haven’t already, I’m on NaNo as Katci. (And if that gives you a flashback to Sailor Moon you get 500 points. It’ll be redeemable for something cool one day. ^^)

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