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iPad Mini!!!

My second love in life…Gadgets!

There are a few things I geek out over….my writing, skin care products (like, really!), vampires, good movie franchises, some anime/manga, good books (any genre), Harry Potter anything…but the cherry on the top of that list is gadgets!

iPad Mini –

I love my iPad. It’s made of wonderful. HOWever…it’s a little big. And as someone with smallish hands, holding a 10 inch tablet takes some maneuvering at times, especially if I’m lying down. There’s always the risk that I’ll drop it on my face. This is also a great opportunity for me to get a GB upgrade. I’m kind of a pack rat when it comes to games and apps and the like. This will totally solve my problem. (Or make it worse.) But reading my ebooks will be SO much easier on my new baby. I’m calling it Turnip.

<———– Isn’t she beautiful? And she comes with Siri! Pre-Ordering opens up Friday. I’m getting the black one.

My list of gadgets isn’t a short one. I’ve owned 4 smart phones just in the last 2 years. (5 if you count my replacement iPhone 4S–the previous one’s tale of woe can be found here.) The list of computers is equally long, from a 14 year old Hitachi that was melting on the bottom (seriously!) to touchscreen laptops to the latest, a 23 inch All-in-One Desktop. Despite the fact that I’m an Apple fan (& was a huge fan of Steve Jobs), I don’t have an Apple computer. Tried a laptop once. I actually really liked the way it looked and the mousepad and everything, but it wouldn’t play Sims 2. That’s a requirement. Lol! And since I didn’t need (or want) two laptops, the less useful one had to go.

For computers I tend to be partial to HP. The second laptop I’ve ever owned was an HP Pavilion, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. I did finally cheat on HP with Dell because Dell came out with the XPS 13 inch ultrabook that looks just like a Macbook on the outside (except for the Dell logo and they’re not even pretending not to be ripping the aesthetics off) but have the Windows environment I’m so comfortable with on the inside. Solid Slate Drives are the best freaking things ever. The XPS is up and running in like 15 seconds, no joke. That’s perfect for impatient peeps like me. One day I’ll get a SSD for my main computer, but they don’t make them big enough yet. (Did I mention I’m a virtual pack rat…and some may argue, a non-virtual one as well.)

I don’t have an iPod Touch. Lol! The classic models have a larger storage capacity (seeing a pattern yet, Lol!). And I don’t like change. I’ve had a classic so long, the thought of changing can’t even cross my mind.

Sometimes I fantasize about having a travel bag that just has electronics & a composition book (for story ideas) inside. ^_^

On a Side Note: 1 week to Na(tional) No(vel) Wri(ting) Mo(nth). I’m participating for the first time. I’m pretty excited about it.  ^_^

And I can’t believe I missed last week! I started a campaign to get more writing time in. This involved me getting up a couple hours earlier than I normally do. I felt all funky by the end of the week, but hopefully as the weeks progress my body will adjust. I’ve been wanting to get up a decent hour for some time. It’s about time I got started. ^_^

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