Inspiration,  Writing Journey


(100 points to anyone who gets my title. ^_^)

Inspiration is better than chocolate! And lasts a whole lot longer. With the fate of Book 1 in the air, I decided to put Book 2 on hold. My mission for the last two weeks has been to start a new story or go into a catatonic state. So three weeks after finishing Book 1, I finally ran into my story idea last Wednesday afternoon. Which leads me to believe that I may have discovered a new technique for myself when it comes to figuring out what my next writing project should be. ^_^

Drumroll: relaxation & odd music ^_^

sometimes I draw..

Then I follow this up with a fun & kooky tv show (like Charmed or Buffy or Xena, Warrior Princess) and voila! I’m inspired and itching to write! It’s almost like baking.

My Recipe for Inspiration:

2 heaping cups of odd music (anything you don’t normally listen to that isn’t aggravating)
1 dose of mental relaxation (like a deep calming breath or long journaling session)
1 dose of physical relaxation (like a deep calming breath, yoga, massage, or resting in a chair or other comfortable surface with your eyes closed)
2 hours of good, entertaining, high concept television (perferably something in the genre you write)

Shake vigorously until well blended
Then write!


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