Yakkity Yak & An Original Sonnet

Below is a random rose from my sister’s yard. Enjoy. 

I finally have my blog up!
I have no idea what I’m going to talk about, but I’m super interesting so I’m not worried. ^_^

For entertainment purposes, here is a sonnet I wrote for Intro to English Studies. It’s called “Breaking Away from You”(circa 2004):

The fireworks lit up your face that night.
How could I tell you and in what way?
You turned to me your eyes shining so bright.
But it doesn’t matter I could not stay.
You confess your love, you pour out your heart
You’re bleeding yet you still come back for more.
How many times have I ripped you apart?
Ignored your love beating on my front door?
I want to tell you to go to hell.
Shut up, get lost, you’re a nuisance to me.
But you cried and upon your knees you fell.
You tell me to listen and beg me to see.
But time has run out and you are too late.
My heart has been hardened, it is you I hate.
That is all. ^_^
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