Writing Projects

Current Project(s)
Title: Winter’s Siren – Retelling/Magical Realism – Editing
Title: The Puppet Box – Supernatural/Reimagining/Horror – Drafting

Mark Twain House (Hartford, CT)

In Queue
Title: Whisper – Retelling/Supernatural/Horror
Title: Blackbird Manor – Supernatural/Horror
Working Title: I, Nemesis – Supernatural/Horror/Mythology
Working Title: Untitled Rewrite (Winter) – Supernatural/Horror/Retelling

Chaos Series (Brainstorming/Planning)
Title: Once There Was Chaos – Paranormal/Horror
Working Title: Prince of Chaos – Supernatural/Horror/Retelling
Title: Cry Wolf – Fairy Tale/Horror/Retelling
Title: Deliver Us From Chaos – Medieval Fantasy/Horror

(re)Brainstorming/Re-articulating Spinal Cortex
Working Title: How Deep Is My Darkness (rewrite?) – Paranormal
Working Title: Petra – Futuristic Urban Fantasy

On Hold
Working Title: Phantom Silence – Futuristic Paranormal

Bake Mode/Concocting/Ground Zero
Working Title: Untitled (Scarred) – Supernatural/Retelling/Urban Fantasy
Working Title: Untitled (3) – Supernatural/Dark Comedy/Retelling


NO REST FOR THE WICKED – Paranormal/Horror (July 2016) – Published May 10, 2017
– History tends to repeat itself – as psychic Tatum Torabi discovers when her poor decision-making skills get her entangled with the same creatures who killed her parents and sister years before.