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Goodreads Reading Challenge

Okay, confession. I did technically beat my reading goal of 16 last year by one whole “book.” However, three or four of my books were Dr. Seuss books, cause I love me some Dr. Seuss and read some new ones this last year. One was a book I just skimmed. At least three reads were really freaking short. And last, but not least, one book was started the previous year, and I had gotten at least a third, if not half of the way through it by then.


Needless to say, it’s a high priority to beat that this year. I get so jealous of people who read like 50+ books a year. WHAT KIND OF VOODOO IS THAT?!

Now, I know, part of my reading slump over the last couple of years was selection. I wasn’t picking up things I really wanted to read. Part is poor time management. I just can’t balance my life! A small part is an anthology I’m reading full of four 250 to 300 page “novellas” – I have one left, and it’s like, come on!

But the biggest reason, after selection, was trying to read too many books at once. I got overwhelmed, and well, I decided to binge on YouTube instead.

That makes perfect sense, right? 🤔

Its not a good excuse, but it is a reason. So, I’m back to one book at a time. I can’t read multiple books at a time any better than I can write multiple books at a time. If anyone were to look at my “reading now” list, it looks like I’m reading 7 books right now. I’m not, technically. I’ve either already read them, or they’re non-fiction, and I can multitask non-fiction books, kind of. One of them is a comic book that I forgot I was reading though. I’ll get to it. ^_^

In any case, I’m already one book down for the year, and I’ll be done with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by the end of the week!! VOODOO!! 😛 I’ve picked a goal of 23 books. It isn’t one of the numbers I like, but it’s realistic and a few higher than last year. I remember when I used to read a book every day. Some of them were over 200 pages. HOW DID I DO THAT?! I had no life, obviously. I also wasn’t reading books with big words in them.

I think I enjoy life more when I’m reading a lot. ^_^

In other news, I am finally back to writing my work-in-progress. I did poke at it some between editing rounds and freezing, but let’s be real – my brain was not having it.

I do need to read “No Rest for the Wicked” one more time before publication, but I’m looking forward to it. ^_^ I did some mild formatting and decided it looks to be in the 310 page mark, as best as I can tell. In other exciting news, I started preliminary work with my cover designer! I’M SO EXCITED!! If you couldn’t tell. 😀 I mean, we just started yesterday, so I have literally nothing to show yet, but SQUEE!

Anyway, I hope the reading & writing fairies are with you all! ^_^

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side…

A few years ago, I read some writing advice in which the author told unpublished writers to enjoy being unpublished while it lasts. At the time, I remember thinking, “Da-fudge? Heck, NO! I’ve been unpublished long enough!” She mentioned how when you’re unpublished, all of your deadlines are your own. If you’re working on a story… Continue Reading