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#WIPMarathon Report #12 (January)

A bright and shiny new year is up and rolling! It’s time for another work in progress update! Let’s see what crazy pants has cooked up, shall we? Last report wordcount + chapter count: The Raven = FIRST DRAFT DONE!!! (46 Chapters) Dance Kirby Dance!! (>’.’)>^(‘.’^)(^’.’)^<(‘.'<) Current report WC + CC: Raven = revision notes organized (because… Continue Reading

#WIPMarathon Report #10 (November) & Final NaNoWriMo Update

Sits back, whilst I dazzle and amaze you. ^_^ Yeppers! I officially won a little after midnight on Monday!! *happy dancing time!* The story isn’t over yet, but according to the outline, just 13 chapters to go!! *more happy dancing* Last report wordcount + chapter count: The Raven = 2004 words, Chapter 1 Current report… Continue Reading

#WIPMarathon Report #9 (October)

Alright! I was totally prepared for check-in time this month! Too bad I didn’t do anything this month! (I’m not bitter.) Last report wordcount + chapter count: Whisper = Full Outline 100% Done, 6865 words, Chapter 3 Phantom Silence = Baby Outline 100% Done, 16,375 words, Chapter 10 Between Ashes and Ice = Work-in-progress Outline… Continue Reading